Best Cat Toys

Are you stuck on what cat toy to buy for your moggie? Here are our most popular cat toys and some overlooked, must-have cat toys too.

Best Cat Toy - KittyWhip Collection

KittyWhips are 4 hickory wood wands with leather, sisal or woven cotton strings attached. It sounds simple. However, when you see and touch the KittyWhip, you know that a lot of work has gone into the design and making of this cat toy.

Made Moggie have put the KittyWhip at the top of the "Best Cat Toy" List for 2021, because all three of our moggies went crazy for this toy and have not tired of it. It is the cat toy that you go to everyday, regardless of whether you have a kitten, adult cat, or senior. Our oldest moggie is 14 years and this toy has improved her fitness and bolstered her confidence.

We recommend buying all four KittyWhips in the collection, as each one elicits a different play style from your kitty. Some they love to chew. Rotating the use of the wands keeps kitties at their peak interest. This cat toy really will surprise you!

KittyWhip Collection
Above: KittyWhip Collection. Available here at Made Moggie

Best Cat Wand for Attachments - Cat Rod Woody Swirl Teaser Toy

Cat wands can properly tire out your cat and have them performing aerial acrobatics. However they do require some periodic toy attachment changes to keep your cat excited.

Made by cat-only designers Profeline, the Woody Swirl is a must-have cat toy for kittens and cats. It consists of a wooden wand and a detachable mouse. The mouse is a realistic size for prey, and cats go crazy for the natural deer hair.

The Woody Swirl cat wand won't snap like plastic cat wands, and the cord does not tangle as it's made from woven wire threads. It's a strong but skinny twine that is hardy visible when in motion. This cat toy makes a pleasant click sound when the top carabiner hits the wood of the wand, which gains cat attention.

Cat Toy Cat Wand Woody Swirl Closeup
Above: Profeline Woody Swirl. Available here at Made Moggie

Extremely versatile, the Woody Swirl Cat Wand can take any cat toy attachment, from any brand. For example it can take Neko Flies cat attachments, which typically only fit Neko Flies Wands, due to the affixed green rope.

Cat Toy Cat Wand. Wood
Above: Profeline Woody Swirl fits ALL cat toy attachments, even Neko Flies. Available here at Made Moggie

Best Budget Cat Toy - Twister Wool Felted Cat Toy

This worm like cat toy looks modest, but it packs a punch. Sized just right for cats, the small felted Twister from Profeline is very well priced for a cat toy that is every cats instant favourite.

Cat Toy and Cat Wand. Felted Twister with Woody Swirl Wand
Above: Profeline Woody Swirl Cat Wand with Twister Felted Cat Toy attached. Available here at Made Moggie

It really is beautiful in its simplicity and comes in a cats favourite colours - black and white. Stretching out when your cat catches it, many unique forms are made during play. A lot of Profeline cat toys have a tag attached, which allows you to hitch them up to a cat wand. So, while sold in a pack of two, your cat can have one free-standing Twister to chew, and one to chase.

Above: Made Moggie's Sunny goes crazy for the Twister Cat Toy. Available here at Made Moggie

Best Splurge Cat Toy - Nominoo Cat Toy Sets

Cat toys by French recycle guru Nominoo, are unlike any other in the cat accessory world (we have looked!). When introducing these unconventional cat toys to our cats, they looked perplexed. However as soon as the toys moved, they went crazy for it. Particularly the leather ball called "Balloo", attached to the leather or fabric charmers. Cats clearly love leather!

Aged Chesterfield Cat Toy Set
Above: Nominoo cat toy sets blend into your home. Lots of styles available here at Made Moggie

Nominoo cat toys are a mix of natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals and warm shades, merged with artistic flair. Bohémien in style and ideology, the gypsy-inspired look is due to the up-cycling of factory offcuts. It's authentic and unmaterialistic.

We find these cat toys charming, natural, highly original and versatile. The interconnecting cat items give multiple play scenarios, and can connect to toys you already own in the home. It's a breath of fresh air to the usual built-in obsolescence in products.

Each Nominoo Cat Toy Set will speak to a person's particular way of expressing themselves. The eclectic cat items can be relaxed, bold, sometimes unusual. One constant is these cat toys have heritage, compassion, fashion, and practicality. An origin story to be proud of.

Best Catnip Cat Toy - Refillable Catnip Mouse

This blog is about recommending cat items that will last and this attractive little mouse doesn't disappoint. When the French Catnip aroma weakens, catnip can be added by untying its tail. It can also be connected to a cat wand as it has a tag for this. We ship the catnip mouse in a ziplock bag to retain its potency. When we first received these mice from France, our cat Sunny was all over the unopened parcel. French catnip is strong. See our cats' reaction to the Catnip Mouse here.

Above: Refillable Catnip Mouse. 10 different fabrics to choose from. Available here at Made Moggie

Best Gift Cat Toy - Cat Nice Stick Teaser

The Cat Nice Stick is distinctly Japanese and very elegant. It's a great gift for a cat parent as it's practical (cat's love it), unisex (a lot of cat toys are feminine), one of a kind, and long-lasting as it can be repaired when worn. It consists of a perfectly sized wood handle and plaited fabric. Its movement is similar to a feather cat toy as it's very graceful and will get your cat airborne.

Cat Nice Stick
Above: Cat Nice Stick Teaser. Available here at Made Moggie

The design is considered and subtle; a stamped leather accent, a red tipped wand, and fabric strips that differ but compliment each other. There is room for the cat parent to become creative, by plaiting their own strips of material and attaching. Another cat product with a great story to share.

Best Cat Toy Outside of Made Moggie - Ripple Rug

This is a cat toy we don't stock. The Ripple Rug is an activity mat. Two pieces of carpet-like weave cling together with velcro, and form a shape-shifting cat cave for your moggie. Strategically placed escape and viewing holes in the top layer are the crux of fun. Our cats love it. We have recommended it to friends and colleagues, and their cats love it too. It is best to buy it through the manufacturer direct to ensure you are not buying an inferior copy. 

Above: Made Moggie cats are big fans of the Ripple Rug. Available here at SnugglyCat.

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