How to Keep Catnip Toys Fresh

Jackson Galaxy

The Jackson Galaxy Vault Toy Marinater is a great idea. A catnip container that preserves the aroma of catnip toys, and revitalises tired cat toys.

Using this idea, we sought an eco friendly, human solution to the same problem (how to keep catnip toys fresh). There are plenty of airtight containers to be found in the kitchen, so we started there for our decor-blending solution.

Vintage Cookie Tins

Cookie tins are airtight, inexpensive containers and are fitting for all types of interiors.

Tin is a safe, clean and non-toxic material making it a popular packaging material for food. Metal is durable and recycles forever with no loss of quality. Most tins are collected, displayed and refilled, so the material is used beyond its initial purpose.

Tea Tins make a great catnip container
Made Moggie's Fozza With Catnip Toy Canister & Catnip Donuts (sold at Made Moggie)

We have vintage tins in the lounge room and they blend into our decor seamlessly. Having the tin on display is also a visual cue to use the catnip toys.

Cookie Cannister Made of Tin
60s Dutch Vintage Large Tin Canister

The above is one example of how artful vintage tins are. This tin is currently for sale at $30.

Glass Jars

Glass is 100% recyclable. Made entirely from natural materials, it’s non-toxic, naturally protective — and does not harm the ocean. Reusing old glass jars as storage containers is ideal, as manufacturing new glass jars is not so eco friendly.

Antique fruit jars (or canning jars) would make the perfect catnip vault! It has a metal clamp to seal in catnip aroma, and would look fab in a bookshelf or next to plants. The amber glass is great for muting out any crazy, clashing cat toy colours.

Vintage Fruit Jar
Antique Fruit Jar in Amber

Search for "vintage canning jar with metal hinges/clamp" or "vintage preserving jar" to see inexpensive variations on this. 

If you are not keen on virtual or physical antique treasure hunts, there is this simple glass bath canister from Target for only $6! It also comes in sage green.

Bath Jar Target
Amber Bath Canister From Target

Back to cookies, and back to the 70s - we found 70s glass cookie jars that are too nice for the kitchen, and destined for the lounge.

70s cookie jar
LE Smith Amber Glass Cookie Canister

Now THIS is a catnip canister! It is $200+, but it will hold a lot of cat toys and a beauty like this will never go out of style. It's hard to believe this stunner was made for the humble cookie. LE Smith has many beautiful canisters, so it is well worth Googling him and '70s cookie jars'.

red 70s glass biscuit jar 
70s Amberina Biscuit Jar Block Pattern Constellation Sunset Tiara

Green Glass Jar
Vintage 1970s Bartlett Collins Green Glass Mushroom Cookie Jar

Google "Bartlett Collins glass jar" and the most incredible, future catnip canisters pop up. Like the sage green container with mushrooms (above), and hand painted, blue jar (below) from the 50s.

70s blue glass jar 
50s Bartlett Apple Cookie Jar
This jar was also made in white, yellow and orange.

Ceramic Jars

Natural mineral clay is great for creating beautiful, safe and sustainable items. Ceramics also have a lifespan beyond their original use. If you like farmhouse/cabin decor, search for 'vintage cheese or butter crocks'.

Ceramic Vintage Cheese Crock
Antique Weir Stoneware Preserve Crock

Butter Crock for catnip cat toys
30s Kaukauna Klub Cheese Crock

Continuing down the dairy trail, we found many beautiful canisters. Because they once held food, there is comfort they will also preserve catnip.

Milk Jars for Catnip Cat Toys
70s 1.5 Litre Milk Glass Canisters

These 70s opaque milk glass canisters are lovely and very useful for obscuring clashing cat toys. This pair is sold but are a great starting point for a search. The motif is very fitting for catnip content.

String Bags

Tupperware and large zip-lock bags are a fine solution to keeping catnip cat toys fresh, albeit not an attractive one. However, place the Tupperware/zip-locks in a string grocery bag, and you now have something beautiful! Hang this over the lounge door (out of kitty reach) with an 'over door hook' and it will remind you to get the catnip toys out.

Hemp Grocery bag 
The Dharma Door Hemp String Bag

We like this bag from the Dharma Door. (So many things to like here and it is Australian too).

Don't Forget The Catnip!

Profeline Catnip Refill Pouches
Catnip Refill Pouches

Your catnip cat toy container will need potent catnip. We recommend containing the catnip leaves, otherwise the cat toys will be covered in them. Made Moggie has catnip refill pouches from Germany and they are filled with approx. 5gs of natural catnip and pure valerian root.

If you already have a stash of catnip, some empty tea bag sachets will help contain it. You can use the remaining empty bags for tea!

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