Preserve Your Catnip Toys with Stylish Vintage Kitchen Jars | at Made Moggie

Preserve Your Catnip Toys with Stylish Vintage Kitchen Jars

Made Moggie offers a captivating array of European catnip toys that are anything but ordinary. These feline favourites are built to be cherished, not tossed aside once the catnip's magic begins to wane. In this article, we'll explore how to preserve their enticing scents using chic airtight containers, drawing inspiration from the world of kitchen jars known for their airtight qualities.

Why Give Your Cat Catnip Toys: Benefits and Beyond

Investing in catnip toys is a delightful choice for both your feline companion and you, the proud cat parent. These toys offer a multitude of benefits that enhance your cat's well-being and provide entertainment for you as you watch your furry friend indulge in playtime.

Catnip can help reduce stress and anxiety in some cats, making it an excellent choice for cats who may be prone to nervousness. Furthermore, catnip toys can promote bonding and interaction between you and your cat, creating memorable moments of play and joy.

Among the vast array of catnip toys, catnip kicker toys hold a special allure. The Profeline Catnip Buddy is a sensory delight, thanks to its French Catnip and Valerian fillings.

See Made Moggie's entire Catnip Toy Collection.

Catnip for Your Catnip Toy Container: Keeping the Aroma Fresh

Profeline Catnip Refill Pouches | at Made Moggie

Catnip Refill Pouches, Available at Made Moggie

To keep your catnip cat toy container stocked with potent catnip, consider these Catnip Refill Pouches from Germany. These pouches are filled with approximately 5 grams of natural catnip and pure valerian root, ensuring that your cat toys stay free of loose leaves and maintain their allure. 

Repurposing Vintage Tins as Catnip Toy Containers

Cookie tins serve as excellent airtight containers, blending seamlessly with various interior styles. Tin is a safe, clean, and non-toxic material commonly used in food packaging due to its durability and recyclability without quality loss. Many collectors repurpose vintage tins, extending their lifespan beyond their original function.

Nominoo Catnip Toys | at Made Moggie

Made Moggie's Fozza With Catnip Toy Tin Canister & Catnip Toys (sold at Made Moggie)

In our lounge room, vintage tins harmoniously complement our decor and serve as a visual reminder to indulge our cats with catnip toys. This artful vintage tin, available for $30, exemplifies their charm.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: 60s Dutch Vintage Large Tin Canister

Glass Jars: The Ideal Catnip Toy Storage Solution

Glass is a sustainable material that is 100% recyclable, and it's made from natural, non-toxic ingredients. Unlike some materials, glass doesn't harm the environment, especially the oceans. Reusing old glass jars as storage containers is a fantastic eco-friendly choice, as manufacturing new glass jars can have a higher environmental impact.

Consider repurposing antique fruit jars, also known as canning jars, as the perfect catnip storage solution! These jars often come with a metal clamp that helps seal in the enticing catnip aroma. Plus, they make for stylish additions to your bookshelf or plant display. The amber glass also has the added benefit of toning down any vibrant cat toy colours, ensuring a harmonious look.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: Antique Fruit Jar in Amber

For budget-friendly options, try searching for "vintage canning jar with metal hinges/clamp" or "vintage preserving jar."

Returning to the world of cookies and taking a nostalgic trip back to the 70s, we stumbled upon some charming glass cookie jars. These beauties are simply too exquisite for the kitchen and are destined to grace our lounge instead.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: LE Smith Amber Glass Cookie Canister

Now, this is the ultimate catnip toy canister! While it comes with a price tag of $200 or more, it's designed to accommodate a substantial collection of cat toys, and its timeless beauty ensures it will never go out of style. It's quite astonishing to think that this exquisite piece was originally intended for simple cookies. LE Smith offers a variety of stunning canisters, so a quick Google search for "LE Smith '70s cookie jars" is well worth it.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: 70s Amberina Biscuit Jar Block Pattern Constellation Sunset Tiara

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: Vintage 1970s Bartlett Collins Green Glass Mushroom Cookie Jar

Perform a quick Google search for "Bartlett Collins glass jar," and you'll discover some amazing potential catnip canisters. Among them, you'll find options like the charming sage green jar adorned with mushrooms shown above, as well as a beautifully hand-painted blue jar from the 1950s, depicted below.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: 50s Bartlett Apple Cookie Jar

Pottery Pots for Storing Catnip Toys

Natural mineral clay is a fantastic material known for crafting exquisite, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting items. Ceramics, made from clay, have a timeless appeal and can serve various purposes. If you appreciate farmhouse or cabin aesthetics, consider exploring vintage cheese or butter crocks for a touch of rustic charm in your catnip toy storage solution.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: Antique Weir Stoneware Preserve Crock

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: 30s Kaukauna Klub Cheese Crock

Following the dairy theme, we stumbled upon numerous exquisite canisters. Given their past as food containers, there's a sense of assurance that they will excel at preserving catnip as well.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: 70s 1.5 Litre Milk Glass Canisters

These vintage opaque milk glass canisters from the 70s not only exude charm but also serve the practical purpose of concealing mismatched cat toys. While this particular pair is no longer available, they provide an excellent reference for your search. The design is remarkably suitable for storing catnip.

Stylish Catnip Toy Storage: Transform Tupperware and Zip-Lock Bags

While Tupperware and oversized zip-lock bags are practical for preserving the freshness of catnip cat toys, they might not be the most visually appealing choice. However, a simple and creative solution is to place these containers inside a stylish string grocery bag. By hanging this bag over your lounge door, out of your kitty's reach, using an 'over door hook,' you not only keep the toys fresh but also add a touch of charm to your living space, all while providing a handy reminder to indulge your feline friends in some playtime.

Catnip Toy Storage Container

Catnip Toy Storage Idea: The Dharma Door Hemp String Bag

We appreciate this Dharma Door bag (there's a lot to like about it, and it's proudly Australian-made).