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Best Cat Toys 2023

If you're unsure of which cat toy to get for your furry friend, don't worry! We've got you covered with our selection of the best cat toys, including both popular favourites and some lesser-known options. Plus, we've included must-have interactive cat toys that your cat will love.

Overall Best Cat Toy 2023

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy Collection

Looking for a safe and fun alternative to traditional string, yarn, and ribbon toys for your cat or kitten? Look no further than KittyWhip cat toys! These interactive cat toys consist of four hickory wood wands with attached strings made of leather, sisal, or woven cotton.

Above: Experience KittyWhip Cat Teasers: Feline Fun Unleashed! Watch Cats Go Wild and Discover How KittyWhips Are Crafted

Although the design of KittyWhip may seem simple, a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating these cat toys. When you see and feel the quality of the KittyWhip, you'll understand why it's become one of the best cat toys of 2023. Made Moggie has ranked it at the top of the list, as our own cats have gone crazy for it too! Even our 15-year-old cat has been able to improve her fitness and confidence with the help of this cat toy.

We highly recommend getting all five KittyWhip cat toys in the collection, as each one encourages a different type of play style from your cat. Some kitties love to chew on the strings, while others enjoy chasing them. By rotating the use of the wands, you can keep your cat's interest piqued and engaged. This cat toy is truly surprising and will provide hours of fun and exercise for your feline friend.

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: KittyWhip Natural String Interactive Cat Toy Collection. Photo of cat "George" is courtesy of KittyWhip. Available at Made Moggie

Best Cat Wand 2023

Cat Rod Woody Swirl Teaser Toy

Cat wands are a great way to entertain your cat and encourage them to perform aerial acrobatics, but it's important to periodically change up the toy attachments to keep your cat engaged.

One must-have cat toy and kitten toy is the Woody Swirl Cat Wand, designed exclusively by cat-only designers Profeline. This toy consists of a wooden wand and a detachable mouse, which is a realistic size for prey and made of natural deer hair that cats go crazy for.

Unlike plastic cat wands that can easily snap, the Woody Swirl Cat Wand is built to last. Its cord is made from woven wire threads that won't tangle, and the strong but skinny twine is barely visible when in motion. Additionally, this interactive cat toy emits a satisfying clicking sound when the top carabiner hits the wood of the wand, which captures cats' attention.

Profeline Woody Swirl Wood Cat Wand | at Made Moggie

Above: Profeline Woody Swirl Wood Cat Wand.
Available at Made Moggie

Another great feature of the Woody Swirl Cat Wand is its versatility - it can accommodate any cat toy attachment from any brand. For instance, it can easily take Neko Flies cat attachments, which typically only fit Neko Flies Wands due to the affixed green rope. Give your cat the gift of playtime with the Woody Swirl Cat Wand!

Profeline Woody Swirl Cat Wand | at Made Moggie

Above: Profeline Woody Swirl Cat Wand fits ALL cat toy attachments, even Neko Flies. Available at Made Moggie

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Best Cat Spring Toy 2023

Twister Wool Felt Cat Toy

Although it may seem modest, the Twister Wool Felt Cat Toy by Profeline is a cat spring toy that packs a punch. Made from small felted material and perfectly sized for cats, this toy is priced just right and is an instant favourite of felines everywhere.

Profeline Twister Cat Spring Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Profeline Twister Cat Spring Toy attached to Woody Swirl Cat Wand.
Available at Made Moggie

The Twister's beauty lies in its simplicity, and it's available in classic cat colours - black and white. During play, this cat spring toy stretches out when your cat catches it, creating unique shapes and forms. Many of Profeline's cat toys also feature a tag that allows you to attach them to a cat wand. Sold in a pack of two, your cat can have one Twister to chew on and one to chase after, giving them hours of fun and entertainment.

Profeline Twister Cat Spring Toy | at Made MoggieAbove: Made Moggie cat goes crazy for the Twister Cat Spring Toy.
Available at Made Moggie

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Best Cat Activity Mat 2023

The Playmat

The Playmat is an interactive cat activity mat that provides endless entertainment for your furry friend. Comprised of two pieces of high-quality carpet-like material, which cling together with velcro, the mat transforms into a shape-shifting cat tunnel that your feline will love to explore. The top layer features strategically placed escape and viewing holes that add to the excitement. Our cats can't get enough of it, and we've recommended it to our friends and colleagues, who report similar success with their own cats.

The Playmat Cat Interactive Mat | at Made Moggie

Cat Toy - The Playmat Cat Activity Mat | at Made Moggie

Above: The Playmat. Available at Made Moggie

Best Unique Cat Toy 2023

Nominoo Cat Toy Sets

Nominoo's cat toys are truly one-of-a-kind in the world of feline accessories. When we first introduced these unique toys to our cats, they seemed puzzled at first. But as soon as the toys started to move, our feline friends went wild. Clearly, cats enjoy leather.

Nominoo Cat Toy Sets are a blend of natural fabrics, vintage patterns, neutral and warm hues, all infused with artistic flair. The bohemian-inspired style and ethos come from the upcycling of factory offcuts, resulting in a genuine and non-materialistic product.

Nominoo Eco Friendly Cat Toy Set | at Made Moggie

Above: Nominoo Unique Cat Toy Sets are colour matched by Made Moggie

We find these cat toys to be charming, natural, original, and versatile. The interconnecting cat items offer numerous play scenarios and can even connect with cat toys you already own at home. It's refreshing to see products that don't have built-in obsolescence.

Each Nominoo Cat Toy Set is a unique expression of personality, featuring eclectic cat items that can be relaxed, bold, or sometimes unusual. But what remains consistent is that these interactive cat toys have a history, compassion, fashion, and practicality - a story to be proud of.

Nominoo Interactive Cat Toy Set | at Made Moggie

Above: Nominoo Interactive Cat Toy Sets blend into your home. Lots of Styles Available at Made Moggie

Best Catnip Toy 2023

Refillable Catnip Mouse

In this blog, we aim to recommend long-lasting cat products and this adorable little mouse exceeds expectations. Not only does it come with a French Catnip scent, but the catnip can be easily refilled by untying the tail when the aroma fades. The mouse also features a tag that allows it to be attached to a cat wand for even more fun. To preserve the potency of the catnip, we ship the toy in a ziplock bag. Our own cat, Sunny, couldn't resist the scent of the French catnip even before we opened the package. You can check out our cats' enthusiastic reaction to the Catnip Mouse in this video.

Refillable Catnip Mouse Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Refillable Catnip Mouse. Ten different fabrics to choose from.
Available from Made Moggie

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Best Cat Plush Toy 2023

Catnip Buddy Kicker Toy

To watch the Catnip Buddy Plush Cat Toy in action, click on this link.

Profeline Plush Catnip Kicker Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Cat Plush Toy, Catnip Toy & Cat Kicker Toy, All-In-One.
Available at Made Moggie

If you're looking for a versatile and durable cat toy, the Catnip Buddy Plush Cat Toy is an excellent choice. This toy combines a plush toy, a catnip toy, and a kicker toy all in one, making it a great gift for any cat lover. The Buddy plush toy is made with high-quality, fluffy cotton by Profeline, which is not only soft but also robust. Additionally, it features the irresistible scent of catnip and valerian, which is sure to attract your cat's attention and provide hours of entertainment, whether they want to cuddle or kick.