Unique & Practical Gifts for Cat Lovers

Unique & Practical Gifts for Cat Lovers

In our quest for gifts suitable for cat enthusiasts, we've curated a diverse selection that caters to various tastes. These unique and practical items subtly express affection for our feline friends without overwhelming declarations. Rest assured, these gifts are sure to be adored. Plus, they're available for shipping to Australia.

Purr-fectly Entertaining: Cat Jigsaw Puzzle Delight

We're not just recommending, we're proudly selling this cat-themed jigsaw puzzle. Riding the wave of 2020's top trends, jigsaw puzzles took centre stage, and we scoured the internet to bring you this delightful gem. Cats take the spotlight, but it's done with a touch of subtlety. As you piece together the bedding and curtains, get ready for a satisfying challenge.

For added convenience, consider pairing your purchase with a 'Puzzle Roll-Up Storage System,' readily available at popular retailers like Target, Woolworths, and Officeworks. Enjoy hours of feline-inspired puzzle-solving fun!

Edward Gorey Cat Fancy Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces

Above: Edward Gorey's Cat Fancy Jigsaw. Available here at Made Moggie. $44+Local Shipping Rates

Feline Fashion Delight: Cat Themed Shirts

This tee carries a charming message when translated: 'Without a cat, everything is stupid.' The context is a delightful secret shared among you, your close-knit circle, and German-speaking individuals. The cat graphic strikes the perfect balance—neither too masculine nor too feminine. Choose from a palette of 27 colours to customise it to your liking! And the perks don't end there; you can also have this unique design on a hoodie, mug, or face mask for a complete feline-inspired ensemble.

Unisex Cat Tshirt from Teepublic

Above: Without a Cat Everything is Stupid TShirt. Available here at Teepublic. $28+$17 Shipping

Straight from the streets of Milan, this modern tee by MSGM boasts a look reminiscent of a band cover. Ideal for fans of pop, rock, indie, metal, and electro genres (plus, cat lovers!), it's a unisex tee designed with a versatile box shape. What sets it apart is the soft, endearing cat graphic paired with bold, metal-inspired lettering—a unique contrast that adds an edgy charm to your wardrobe.

Cat TShirt from Street Brand MSGM

Above: MSGM Unisex Cat TShirt. Available here at SSense. $340+$40 Shipping

Art with a Purpose: Balletcats' Edgy Creations for Cat Rescue

For those appreciating shock art with a cause, Balletcats presents a unique collection that not only challenges societal norms but also contributes to saving cat lives. Featuring t-shirts, sweaters, and action figures, this brand, led by illustrator Jordan Marzuki, creates a dystopian world where cats mirror human routines and violence through dark humor. The provocative results offer a fresh perspective on our impact on animals.

What makes Balletcats even more compelling is its commitment to giving back. Proceeds from product sales support cat shelters and rescue groups in Indonesia. Breaking away from the typical sentimentality associated with philanthropy or cat-related products, Balletcats brings a contemporary and groundbreaking approach. Explore their story and articles for an inspiring dive into their unique world.

The Balletcats Jumper

Above: Sweatshirts available here at The Balletcats. $47+$25 Shipping

If you want to see more cats in clothes, visit our our Pinterest Board on Cat Fashion. We have 120 pins on awesome cat clothes.

Elevate Your Space: Unique Cat Posters from Poland

Graphic posters make for fantastic and affordable gifts, effortlessly transforming any room. While French posters might be too familiar, we've discovered a treasure trove of cat-themed posters from a Polish store. Although we've already uncovered 12 captivating designs, there could be more waiting to be explored. Finding these gems may take a little time, as a simple 'cat' search won't do the trick. 

Cats Mountains Cat Poster

Above: Cat's Mountains Polish Poster. Available here at Cracow Poster Gallery. $42+$40 Shipping

New Yorker Magazine Cat Covers at the Conde Nast Store

The Conde Nast Store boasts a delightful collection of beautiful cat-themed covers from the New Yorker magazine. Editorial cartoons are brimming with charm, offering a delightful activity as you uncover the hidden messages within them. The printing options are vast—you can choose a poster print on various surfaces, opt for framed delivery, and select from 10 different sizes. With something to fit every gift budget, these artistic creations make for a timeless and cherished present.

Cat Cover from The New Yorker

Above: The New Yorker Cat Cover. Available here at Conde Naste Store. Prices vary

Cover Image Courtesy and Copyright © Balletcats.