Unique & Practical Gifts for Cat Lovers

We went about finding gifts for cat men and women. We covered a broad range of tastes and found unique items that are very practical so the giftee should love them. We focussed on items that hinted "I love cats", but didn't scream it. The following all ship to Australia.

Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

Okay, full disclosure - we sell this. A top trending product of 2020 was jigsaw puzzles, so we hit the internet and found this gem. Cats are the focal point, but it's subtle. Piecing together the bedding and curtains is sure to be a challenge.

Edward Gorey Cat Fancy Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces
Above: Edward Gorey's Cat Fancy Jigsaw. Available here at Made Moggie. $44+Local Shipping Rates

Consider a 'Puzzle Roll Up Storage System' if you buy this. They are available everywhere - Target, Woollies, Officeworks.
Cat Shirts

Translated this tee says "without a cat everything is stupid". Only you, your inner circle and German speaking people will know the context. The cat graphic is just right - not masculine, not feminine. But you can make it go either way with 27 colours to choose from! Another perk is you can have this on hoodie, mug or face mask.

Unisex Cat Tshirt from Teepublic
Above: Without a Cat Everything is Stupid TShirt. Available here at Teepublic. $28+$17 Shipping

This contemporary tee is from Milan street fashion brand MSGM. It looks like a band cover and I can see fans of pop, rock, indie, metal, electro (and of course cats) wearing this. It's a unisex tee with its box shape and also because the soft, cute cat is contrasted with hard, metal music lettering.

Cat TShirt from Street Brand MSGM
Above: MSGM Unisex Cat TShirt. Available here at SSense. $340+$40 Shipping

If you're good with shock art, here is a great find that also saves cat lives. The Balletcats has tshirts, sweaters, and action figures that challenge societal norms through dark humour. The illustrator behind this, Jordan Marzuki has created a dystopian world where cats act out the daily routines and violence of humans. The result is distasteful which gives us a new perspective on how our behaviours affect animals.

Through the sale of its products, proceeds go to cat shelters and cat rescue groups in Indonesia. The contemporary presentation of the store is groundbreaking. There is none of the sentimentality you usually get with philanthropy or cat products. It is well worth reading their story, and articles. Very inspiring.

The Balletcats Jumper

Above: Sweatshirts available here at The Balletcats. $47+$25 Shipping

If you want to see more cats in clothes, visit our our Pinterest Board on Cat Fashion. We have 120 pins on awesome cat clothes.

Cat Prints

Graphic Posters are a great gift. Everyone loves them. They are an inexpensive way to lift a room. The French ones are too familiar so I would go Polish. We found a Polish poster store that has many cat themed posters. I found 12, but there are probably more. It takes a bit of time finding the cat posters as searching for 'cat' doesn't work. If you are interested, please email Made Moggie, and we will email direct links to you.

 Cats Mountains Cat Poster
Above: Cat's Mountains Polish Poster. Available here at Cracow Poster Gallery. $42+$40 Shipping

The Conde Nast Store has many beautiful New Yorker magazine cat covers. Editorial cartoons are full of charm, and its a nice activity to find the message in them. There are so many options for printing these. You can have poster print on different surfaces, have it arrive framed, and there are 10 sizes to choose from. Something for all gift budgets.

Cat Cover from The New Yorker
Above: The New Yorker Cat Cover. Available here at Conde Naste Store. Prices vary

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