Cats Love Curves

A cat can really rest anywhere in the house (in a sink even), but we have noticed they really like furniture with curves (bowl shape), more so than being flat.

Curved Beds

The award-winning, ergonomic Dune Cat Bed features a smooth, undulating surface which is expressly shaped to reflect the cat’s anatomy. Having been inspired by the immensity of nature and the soft waves of the deserts - it's a stunner too!

Below: Dune Cat Bed by Brandodesign. Available from Made Moggie.

Dune Cat Bed

Bean Bags

Our moggies love bean bags as it gives them a higher vantage point than most cat beds. The filling is extremely supportive and conforms to their body much like memory foam. In a multi-cat household, the bean-bag cat is left alone by others.

Below: Our cats love Beanbags

Sunny on Beanbag
Scoop Chairs

Sika Design have a range of rattan chairs, handmade with an emphasis on comfort and sustainability. Fortunately, the Denmark brand is available across Australia through Domo. We can vouch for the Monet Chair with Footstool.

Originally purchased for the man of the house, our moggies quickly claimed it as theirs. Often it will fit two of our little fluffballs, with one in the chair and the other on the footstool. Throw a blanket over the footstool and the ambush-kitty in your house has a great place to hide and wait.

Below: Fozza enjoys the Monet Footstool by Sika Design. Available from Domo.

Something I would love in my household, is the 'Companion Species' DIY rocking chair by Animal Domestici in Bangkok. The rocking chair is part of a series of multi-species furniture, designed for both humans and cats. With a real sense of honesty in the design and materials, the chair promotes cat-human interaction with two seats, scratching post and hanging toys built in. A brilliant break away from the traditional buttercup cat bed.

Below: Cat Rocking Chair by Animal Domestici.

More scoop chairs can be viewed on our Pinterest board "my cat would love this!"

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