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Curved Cat Furniture: Guide to Ergonomic & Stylish Cat Beds

While cats can rest anywhere in the house, they tend to prefer furniture with curved, bowl-like shapes over flat options. This blog highlights beds for cats that are specifically designed with inward curves for maximum comfort.

Carved Wood Cat Beds

Dune Cat Bed

The Dune Cat Bed is an award-winning, ergonomic cat bed that is specifically designed to provide optimal comfort and support for your feline friend. Its unique concave shape reflects the curves and contours of a cat's anatomy, allowing them to curl up and rest with complete ease.

Dune Luxury Cat Bed | at Made Moggie

 Above: Dune Cat Bed by Brandodesign. Available from Made Moggie

Karimoku Cat Bed

Designed from a cat's perspective, the Karimoku Cat Bed is sculpted from oak wood with a rounded shape that offers ample space for cats to sleep. The deep cushion provides high-quality and stress-free sleep. The natural wooden frame ensures peace of mind for cats in contact with it.

Karimoku Cat Bed In Walnut Wood

Above: Karimoku Cat Bed. Available from Made Moggie in 4 Colours

Bean Bag Cat Bed

Bean bags are popular with our cats as they offer a higher viewpoint than typical cat beds. The filling is supportive and conforms to their body. In multi-cat homes, the bean bag is a great retreat for one cat to be alone.

Bean Bag Cat Bed

Above: Cats love Beanbags

Scoop Chair Cat Bed

Monet Chair As Cat Bed

Sika Monet Chair

Above: Monet Chair & Footstool by Sika Design is loved by our cats due to its curved, bowl-shape design. Photo by Sika

Sika Design have a range of rattan chairs, handmade with an emphasis on comfort and sustainability. Fortunately, the Denmark brand is available across Australia through Domo. We can vouch for the Monet Chair with Footstool. Both of these items are curved, or bowl-shaped.

Although initially intended for the man of the house, our cats have taken over it. It fits two cats, one in the chair and the other on the footstool. Place a blanket over the footstool, and your cat can use the underneath as a hideaway too.

Leather Cat Collar | at Made Moggie

Leather Cat Collar | at Made Moggie

Above: Sunny enjoys the curved Monet Chair Footstool by Sika Design.
Sunny Wears Leather Cat Collar from Made Moggie

Rocking Chair Cat Bed

The 'Companion Species' DIY rocking chair by Animal Domestici in Bangkok caught my attention as it's designed for both humans and cats. This multi-species furniture series includes a rocking chair that encourages cat-human interaction with its two seats, scratching post, and hanging toys. The chair's design and materials are simple and honest, promoting a real sense of intimacy between cats and their owners. It's a refreshing departure from the traditional cat bed and something I would love to have in my home.

Rocking Chair Cat Bed

Above: Cat Rocking Chair by Animal Domestici.

More scoop chairs can be viewed on our Pinterest board "my cat would love this!"