DIY Cat Toys

Our male moggie introduced us to some home-found cat toys. Consider making the following available for play.

Above: We found that viewing slots make a cardboard box more interesting.

Post-it notes

To this day, no chase toy gets our boy cat running faster than a scrunched up post-it note. Especially on a hard floor. For added fun we drop the post-it into a large boot and watch him dive in.


Our moggies love leaf litter and nature-play. We started making our own toys from what we found in the garden. Below is one of our cat creations made from bamboo leaves and stem, a twig and husk.


I can't recall seeing anything cuter than our boy cat proudly carrying a sock into the room when he was a kitten. We then rolled it up and played a game of fetch. Many a sock was sacrificed.

Below: Organic cotton ankle socks by Harvest & Mill. Their socks are not dyed, the plant fiber is naturally this color!

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