10 Fun & Affordable DIY, Homemade & Handcrafted Cat Toys | at Made Moggie

10 Fun & Affordable DIY, Homemade & Handcrafted Cat Toys

Searching for budget-friendly ways to keep your cat entertained? Explore the world of home-made cat toys! From engaging ball toys to natural teaser toys, durable cat wands, and handmade feather toy attachments, we present you with 10 enjoyable and cost-effective ideas.

Home-made Cat Toys for Budget-Friendly Feline Fun and Enrichment

If you're looking for a simple and budget-friendly way to keep your cat entertained, consider exploring the world of crafting home-made cat toys. Through our experiences, we've discovered engaging DIY concepts that promise both enjoyment and enrichment for your feline companion.

Eco-Friendly Haven: The Cardboard Cat House

Above: Made Moggie's Minimalist Cardboard Cat House for our cat Fozzy. We found that viewing slots make a cardboard box more interesting to cats, and you can poke toys through them too

Crafting a DIY cardboard box house for your cat is not only a creative project but also a wonderful way to provide your furry friend with a comfortable and stimulating environment. Watch as your cat discovers their new hideaway, plays, and relaxes in their personalised space. With a bit of imagination and some simple materials, you can create a cosy retreat that both you and your cat will love. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you've given your pet a special place to call their own.

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DIY Paper/Cardboard Ball Cat Toy: Purr-fect Playtime Fun

Among the simplest and most beloved cat toys we've crafted is the humble scrunched-up Post-it note. Our male moggie absolutely adores it, especially when we toss it onto a solid surface. To enhance the excitement, we often slip the note into a spacious boot and delight in watching him eagerly pounce in after it.

Above: Our Cats With Post-it Notes Ball Cat Toy

If you're aiming for a more refined take on a paper ball cat toy, look no further than these cardboard alternatives. These corrugated cardboard ball cat toys offer a contemporary, architectural aesthetic while staying environmentally friendly. Ideal for both chasing and chewing, they provide entertainment for your cat while seamlessly blending into your home decor with their neutral colour palette. Crafted from all-natural materials without the use of glue, you can easily recycle them once they've served their purpose.

Cardball Ball Cat Toys | at Made Moggie

Above: DIY Cardboard Ball Cat Toys at Made Moggie. Ideal for both chasing and chewing

Wooden Wonder: A Natural Cat Teaser Toy

Yet another fantastic DIY toy can be crafted from natural materials right in your garden. Our cats thoroughly enjoy engaging with bamboo leaves, twigs, and husks. We've fashioned a straightforward toy using bamboo leaves, stems, and a twig, and our cats simply can't resist its allure.

DIY Natural Homemade Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Made Moggie Home-made Cat Teaser Toy made from garden leaf litter

If you're in search of a handcrafted alternative, infused with the delightful scents and textures of the garden, we wholeheartedly recommend the KittyWhip Cat Teaser. Its exceptional durability makes it not only an economical choice but also a source of endless feline amusement. Engage your cat's senses with a teaser toy that taps into their primal instincts. Crafted from pure leather, it emits an enticing scent and features a textured surface that ignites their hunting prowess.

KittyWhip Leather Cat Toy

Above: KittyWhip Leather Cat Teaser Toy is Durable & Cats Don't Get Bored Of It

Textured Bliss: Fabric Cat Toys for Paws That Love Softness

If you're pressed for time or materials, a quick DIY cat toy solution is to take an old sock and roll it into a ball. Cats are often drawn to textured fabrics like socks and our clothes for play, making it an ideal choice. In fact, our boy cat often reaches into our laundry basket for something to play with. He absolutely adores playing fetch with rolled-up socks, and it remains one of his all-time favourite games.

Fabric Sock Cat Toy Idea

Above: Organic cotton ankle socks by Harvest & Mill. Their socks are not dyed, the plant fibre is naturally this colour!

Speaking of cats' affinity for fabrics, there's an eco-conscious way to cater to their love for textured materials. Introducing Nominoo Fabric Cat Toys, thoughtfully crafted from upcycled materials that were once destined for the landfill. These toys not only boast visual appeal but also carry a strong eco-friendly message, proudly handmade in France using recycled factory material offcuts. The Nominoo collection features an array of interchangeable attachments, wands, and charmers, providing your feline companion with an abundance of playtime possibilities. For cats with a special fondness for fabrics, Nominoo's fabric-based cat toys are a must-try indulgence.

Nominoo Recycled Fabric Cat Toys | at Made Moggie

Above: If your cat has a passion for clothes and fabrics, they're bound to fall in love with the Nominoo Fabric-based Cat Toys available at Made Moggie

Handcrafted Cat Toys

Affordable Cat Toy Sets: Budget-Friendly Feline Fun

If you're not in the mood for crafting, there's a wealth of budget-friendly cat toy choices readily accessible at Made Moggie. Among our favourites are the cost-effective cat toy sets made by Profeline. These sets feature an array of engaging options, including feather toys and deer hair toys that captivate cats with various textures. For added convenience, these toys can be easily attached to cat rods with carabiners, such as the Woody Wand and Woody Swirl available at Made Moggie.

Profeline Interractive Cat Toy Sets | at Made Moggie

Above: 2-Pack Cat Toy Sets. Available at Made Moggie in Australia

Durable Cat Toys: Built to Withstand Cat Playtime

Durable cat toys are not only cost-effective but also a wise investment. When it comes to long-lasting playtime, look no further than the Woody Swirl Cat Teaser Wand. Crafted from robust wood that won't easily break, this versatile wand can be paired with various wand toy attachments. Plus, its wire is replaceable, ensuring that it lasts even longer, offering your feline friend endless hours of entertainment.

Woody Swirl Cat Teaser Wand Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Woody Swirl Cat Teaser Toy - Long Lasting & Versatile

Introducing our next resilient cat toy, the Refillable and Washable Stinky Mouse Feline, a plush kicker toy that sets a new standard for feline playthings. Unlike most cat toys, this one allows you to refill the catnip and even toss it in the washing machine for a fresh start. Typically, when the catnip scent diminishes, the toy finds its way to the bin. However, with the innovative design of the Refillable and Washable Stinky Mouse Feline, created by Profeline and available at Made Moggie, you can enjoy long-lasting play and easy maintenance for your kitty's pleasure.

Stinky Mouse Feline Catnip Kicker Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Stinky Mouse Feline With Catnip - Refillable and Machine Washable

View Made Moggie's curated Mice & Fish Toy Collection.

Overall, making home-made cat toys is a fun and easy way to bond with your feline friend and provide them with hours of entertainment. Plus, with affordable options like the ones we've mentioned, you won't have to break the bank to keep your cat happy and healthy.