Vegan & Eco-Friendly Cat Products: Sustainable Choices for Your Cat | at Made Moggie

Vegan & Eco-Friendly Cat Products: Sustainable Choices for Your Cat

On the hunt for vegan and eco-conscious cat products? Dive into our diverse selection of compassionate alternatives that replace animal-derived materials. From faux-fur cat beds to nylon cat collars and environmentally friendly, plant-based cat toys crafted from wood and recycled paper, explore these ethical choices at Made Moggie.

Looking for Vegan-Friendly Cat Bedding Options?

Cat bedding frequently incorporates animal-derived materials like wool, fur, feathers, and down. However, vegan alternatives are readily available in the form of faux fur, sherpa, faux shearling, and recycled PET.

Solid Wood & Faux-Fur Karimoku Cat Bed

Faux or Fake Fur, in particular, offers substantial benefits. Crafted from polymeric fibers, this pile fabric boasts quick drying properties and is often hand-washable. It doesn't attract insects, just like real fur, and, unlike real fur, it doesn't shed, ensuring a clean and hypoallergenic bedding option.

Karimoku Cat Bed Made of Wood | at Made Moggie

Above: Karimoku Cat Bed With Solid Wood Frame, Polyester Filling & Faux-Fur Cover. Available from Made Moggie

When choosing bedding, pay attention to the filling as well. Some bedding incorporates feathers, which might not align with your preferences. In such cases, an excellent alternative is Recycled PET, where plastic bottles are transformed into cushion fillers for cat beds and materials for cat mats. While not of plant origin, this eco-conscious choice helps divert millions of plastic bottles away from landfills and oceans, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Ripple Rug Activity Mat

Above: Ripple Rug Activity Mat made from Recycled PET

For cat beds and blankets, Sherpa or Faux Shearling fabrics offer a warm and luxurious feel. Typically composed of polyester, sometimes acrylic or cotton, these materials provide comfort and cosiness. Another option to consider is the rustic charm of Organic Linen, in its natural, uncoloured form, as a throw for your cat's bed. Crafted from the flax plant, it not only adds beauty but is also environmentally friendly due to its biodegradability.

Sustainable Sisal Cat Scratch Mats

When it comes to cat mats, sisal emerges as a top choice due to its exceptional durability. Its robust nature not only makes it an excellent option for floor coverings but also a favourite among cats for scratching. These same qualities of strength and resilience have made sisal fibres a preferred material for various applications, including marine use and rope production. So, if you're seeking a long-lasting and cat-friendly mat, sisal should be at the top of your list.

Profeline Sisal Scratch Mats | at Made Moggie

Above: Sisal scratch mat by Profeline. Available from Made Moggie

Shopping for a Vegan Cat Collar or Cat Harness?

When shopping for cat collars or harnesses, it's worth considering a range of eco-friendly options. Piñatex®, for instance, is crafted from pineapple leaves, boasting not only a cruelty-free design but also a commitment to toxin-free production. Cork Leather, derived from cork oak tree bark, offers impressive durability, waterproof properties, and ease of cleaning with water and soap.

Vegan-Friendly Nylon Cat Collars

Nylon, though synthetic, serves as an alternative to animal-derived materials, making it an ethical choice for cat collars. Its lightweight and comfortable nature adds to the appeal for our feline friends.

Light Nylon Kitten & Cat Collars | at Made Moggie

Above: Nylon Cat Collars From the UK. Available from Made Moggie

Tre Ponti Cat Harnesses: Stylish and Compassionate Fake Leather Alternative

Lastly, Pleather, a clever abbreviation for artificial leather, is designed to mimic the appearance of leather while avoiding harm to animals. These alternatives not only cater to your pet's needs but also contribute positively to the environment.

Tre Ponti Cat Harnesses are a prime example of thoughtful design. While they may resemble leather harnesses, they are, in fact, crafted from durable and sustainable nylon materials. These harnesses provide both style and comfort for your cat, all while upholding ethical and environmental values. Discover the perfect balance between aesthetics and animal welfare with Tre Ponti cat harnesses.

Tre Ponti Cat Harness | at Made Moggie

Above: It May Look Like It Does, But Tre Ponti Cat Harnesses Have No Leather & No Fur. Available from Made Moggie

Seeking Plant-Based, Natural Cat Toys? 

Many cat toys often incorporate materials like leather, wool, fur, and feathers. If you're keen on aligning your pet's playtime with vegan choices, consider opting for toys made from Sisal, Jute, Hemp, Paper or Wood.

These "naturally green" fibres not only cater to your cat's fascination with plant-based textures but also contribute to sustainability, renewability, and biodegradability. With a history spanning thousands of years, these materials are known for their ability to resist liquids, ensuring long-lasting durability even during vigorous cat play sessions.

Bamboo Wood Dragonfly Cat Toy: Eco-friendly Feline Entertainment

Dragonfly Cat Toy Made of Bamboo Wood | at Made Moggie

Above: Dragonfly Cat Toy is Made From Bamboo Wood. Available from Made Moggie. Photo © is courtesy of Noosa Country Cat Hotel.

The Dragonfly Cat Toy, crafted from sustainable bamboo wood, offers an interactive playtime experience for your feline companion. You can find this eco-friendly cat toy at Made Moggie.

Originally conceived in 1980, this innovative toy emerged from the creative idea of repurposing guitar strings, making it a unique addition to your cat's playtime repertoire. Notably, the Dragonfly Cat Toy has earned recognition, being featured in the book "Cat vs Cat" by Pam Johnson-Bennett and CATS magazine in 2001. Join the ranks of satisfied cat owners and treat your pet to this engaging and environmentally conscious toy.

Paper Ball Cat Toy: Upcycled and Biodegradable

Stylecats Paper Ball Cat Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Paper Balls Cat Toy are Made From Old Magazines.
Available from Made Moggie

The importance of upcycling is on the rise, and Stylecats has embraced this concept by introducing an innovative approach to cat toys. Their creation, the Paper Ball Cat Toy, is not only decorative but also environmentally friendly. Crafted from discarded newspapers and magazines, each Paper Ball is a unique piece of art, often featuring readable text from its source material.

Furthermore, the use of paper as a material for cat toys comes with significant environmental benefits. Paper is biodegradable, meaning it naturally breaks down over time without causing harm to the environment.

Wooden Cat Ball Toy

Natural Wooden Ball Cat Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Woodie Balls Cat Toy By Stylecats are Made From Beech Wood.
Available from Made Moggie

Made from durable beech wood, these Wooden Cat Ball Toys are not only long-lasting but also environmentally friendly. They are biodegradable, meaning they naturally break down over time without causing harm to the environment. Unlike plastic cat toys that can persist in landfills for centuries, wooden cat toys decompose and return to the Earth, leaving no long-lasting waste.

Beech wood's natural durability contributes to the longevity of these toys, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Furthermore, wooden cat toys require minimal processing and use non-toxic finishes, significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and chemical use.

By providing your cat with a wooden ball toy, you're not only offering them a sustainable and eco-friendly plaything but also making a positive contribution to our planet's well-being.