Buying for your cat? Consider these materials

Add a plant textile to your Google search to identify ethical cat products faster. Amazing alternatives to animal products are available and they are often cheaper too.

Need a cat bed, new blankie or mat?

Cat bedding often includes wool, fur, feathers and down. A much kinder alternative exists in faux fur, sherpa, faux shearling, and recycled PET.

Faux or Fake Fur has enormous benefits over the real deal. A pile fabric made from polymeric fibres, it's quick to dry and can often be hand-washed. Insects are not attracted to faux fur and it also doesn't molt making it a tidy, hypo-allergenic alternative.

A warm, luxurious feel fabric perfect for cat beds and blankets is Sherpa or Faux Shearling. These fabrics are usually made from polyester, sometimes acrylic or cotton. You could also embrace the crumpled look and consider Organic Linen (natural, not coloured) as a throw for your cats bed. Made from the flax plant it is both beautiful and biodegradable!

Also look out for bed filling, as sometimes this is made with feathers. A great alternative is Recycled PET, where plastic bottles are turned into cushion filler for cat beds and carpet for cat mats. Although not a plant material, it saves millions of plastic bottles from landfill and the ocean.

Below: Activity Mat made from Recycled PET.

Speaking of cat mats... sisal is a hard-wearing product making it ideal for floor covering and for cats to scratch. The same qualities of strength make the fibre preferred for marine use and ropes.

Below: Sisal scratch mat by Profeline. Can move up the wall as your cat grows. Available from Made Moggie.

Shopping for a cat collar or harness?

Consider Piñatex®, Cork Leather or NylonPiñatex® is made from pineapple leaves with no toxic chemicals added. Cork Leather is made from the bark of cork oak trees and is durable, water proof and easy to clean with water and soap.

Buying cat toys? 

A lot of cat toys contain leather, wool, fur and feathers. Tap into your cats love for plants and look for Sisal, Jute and Hemp toys. These "naturally green" fibres are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Around for thousands of years these fibres repel liquids, are durable and strong (well important for withstanding cat play).

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