16 Purr-fect Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers

16 Purr-fect Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers

As the festive season approaches and kitten season is around the corner, we've curated a list of must-have gifts for Cat Fans this Christmas. Explore our holiday recommendations for feline enthusiasts and be sure to check out our additional blog for more inspiring gift ideas. It's worth mentioning that all our suggestions are curated with shipping options to Australia in mind. Happy shopping!

Purr-fectly Stylish: Unveiling the Ultimate Cat Beach Towel Collection for Your Summer Delight!

Embrace the Australian summer with the perfect Christmas gift—a cat-themed beach towel. With a multitude of options available, we've narrowed down our top favourites for you to explore.

Indulge in the beauty of Pierre Bonnard's 'The White Cat / Le Chat Blanc' Beach Towel from Society6. Unlike many vibrant beach towels, this one stands out with its natural colors and impressionist style, making it uniquely beautiful.

Cat Beach Towel Featuring Art by Pierre Bonnard

Cat Beach Towel from society6 $54 plus shipping

We also appreciate the 'Study of a Cat' beach towel by Suzanne Valadon, featuring delightful natural tones that we adore.

Cat Beach Towel

Cat Beach Towel from Fine Art America $49 plus shipping

Finally, a Renoir masterpiece! The 'Julie Manet with Cat' beach towel is stunning, showcasing the vibrant colors of the beach. This artwork by the great Pierre-Auguste Renoir is perfectly cropped for cat enthusiasts, emphasizing the cat with a delightful exclusion of the human figure.

Cat Beach Towel

Cat Beach Towel from Fine Art America $49 plus shipping

Collection of Charming Cat Mugs, Glasses, and Cups

Amidst the pandemic, many companies implemented hygiene measures, prompting individuals to use their own cups. Thus, gifting a mug remains a thoughtful Christmas idea.

In our quest for unique mugs, we stumbled upon a true gem. Crafted by L’Objet's Portuguese atelier, this cat-inspired mug is a handmade marvel. Although it might stretch beyond the typical Christmas budget, considering Christmas presents adorned with leopard or tiger print patterns is a clever idea. It resonates with all cat enthusiasts. Therefore, our suggestion lies in the concept rather than the specific mug itself.

L’Objet Cat Inspired Mug

L'Objet Leopard Mug from AMARA in the UK $184 plus shipping

Exploring this search led us to unearth the fantastic Cougar Ceramic Travel Cup from Pottery for the Planet. This presents itself as an excellent gift idea—a handmade ceramic creation from a Queensland-based company.

Cougar Cat Mug

Cougar Ceramic Travel Mug from Pottery for the Planet $39 Large Mug

Consider gifting a set of six black cat juice glasses from Anthropologie (with shipping available to Australia). These glasses boast a durable, thick-rimmed design, ensuring they withstand washing without breakage. Appreciate the subtle and not overly cute cat motif for a touch of feline charm.

Anthropologie Cat Glass

Cat Halloween Glass from Anthropologie $15 per glass plus shipping

Pawsitively Chic: Elevate Your Décor with Stylish Cat Hand Towels

For a highly practical gift, turn to household linens. Bed, Bath & Table frequently offers cat-themed items, making it worthwhile to periodically explore their store. We particularly appreciate the 'not too cute' portrayal of cats in the following selections. The combination of grey and mustard colors adds an extra touch of appeal!

Cat Hand Towel, Morgan & Finch

Cat Hand Towel, Morgan & Finch

Misty Cats Throw Blanket by Morgan & Finch $130
Misty Cats Hand Towel Set $30

Purr-fect Protection: Discover Stylish Cat Face Masks

Cool cat-themed face masks make for an excellent Christmas gift, akin to socks—the best ones are always gifted. These face masks by Vistaprint in Australia seem promising. Custom-made, they require a purchase 3-4 weeks ahead of Christmas. They appear robust, and the option to purchase additional filters adds to their appeal.

Vistaprint Cat Face Masks

Leaping Leopards Face Mask from Vistaprint $19.99
Gunadika Face Mask from Vistaprint $19.99

Vistaprint Cat Face Masks

Tigers from Vistaprint $19.99
Leopard Classic from Vistaprint $19.99

Introducing our top pick in this category—Kowi Kowi Face Masks, renowned for their cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, and artistic design. Not only do they boast impressive functionality, but they also provide a high level of comfort. Manufactured in Portugal, these masks adhere to the new European Standards for community transmission. Arriving in a special zip lock bag, they are perfect for gifting and keeping the mask pristine.

What makes Kowi Kowi face masks even more exceptional is their collaboration with Belgian artist Philippe Geluck, the creator of "The Cat," a beloved comic character. The backstory of their partnership is intriguing; Geluck aimed to craft friendly face masks, and the outcome is truly remarkable. The collection is ingeniously designed, making it a standout choice.

Kowi Kowi Cat Face Mask

Philippe Geluck, L’élégance la vraie from Kowi Kowi $30 plus shipping

Purr-fect Grooming: Discover the Elegance of a Wood Cat Brush Set

As the summer season approaches, cats tend to shed their fur. Cat brushes play a dual role by helping reduce furballs and fostering a strong bond with your feline companion. Cats often purr when brushed, especially in areas like their head, chin, neck, and cheeks, where scent glands are concentrated.

For an excellent cat brushing experience, we recommend Made Moggie's cat brushes by Iris Hantverk in Sweden. This unique gift seamlessly blends into your home's aesthetic with its wooden and natural bristle construction. There's no need to tuck them away in drawers; you can proudly keep them next to your cat's bed, ensuring you remember to use them regularly.

Wood Cat Brushes from Made Moggie

Cat Brush Set: Cat Brushes from Made Moggie

Porcelain Cat Brooches: A Stylish Gift for the Cat Connoisseur

Presenting a delightful gift idea for the cat enthusiast in your life. Harriet's Blue and White Porcelain Originals, based in The Netherlands, showcases their charming cat brooches on Etsy. Featuring a design that strikes a balance between elegance and cuteness, these brooches skillfully capture the beauty and serene nature of cats. The blue and white aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication, making it a fitting choice, even down under in Australia.

Cat Brooch

Cat Brooches Harriet's Blue and White Etsy Store $62 plus shipping

Cats Picture Book: A Unique Blend of Adorable Kitties and Heavy Metal Charm

Our recommended cat picture book, "Metal Cats," might seem unconventional, but the delightful combination of cute felines and their heavy metal musician parents is incredibly sweet and endearing. Get ready to smile as you dive into this charming juxtaposition.

Metal Cats Book

Metal Cats Book

Photographs by Alexandra Crockett for the book, Metal Cats $32

Feline Fashion Finds: Paul & Joe's Cat-Tshirts

Dive into the world of French women's fashion with Paul & Joe, a brand that adores cats. Known for incorporating the founder's own kitty into their designs, their stylish clothes are now available at Uniqlo. Explore the collection, especially the cool cat t-shirts that add a touch of feline flair to your wardrobe.

Paul & Joe Cat Tshirt from Uniqlo

Uniqlo Tshirt Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe Cat Motif Tshirt, Uniqlo $20

KittyWhip Junior Cat Teaser: A Petite Cat Toy for Playful Felines

Unleash the joy with the KittyWhip Junior, a perfect cat or kitten toy gift that's beautifully crafted, compact, and well-made. Ideal for close play, this teaser will delight your kitty and is perfect for a bit of desk/cat play. It serves as an excellent introduction to the larger KittyWhip Collection, proving that, despite its modest appearance, it truly works wonders!

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy Collection | at Made Moggie

KittyWhip Junior Cat or Kitten Toy, Made Moggie $39
Photo © is courtesy of Noosa Country Cat Hotel.