Cat Christmas Presents

Not only is Christmas on the horizon, so is kitten season. So we thought we'd give some suggestions on what to buy Cat Fans this holiday season. We also recommend you see our other blog on gift ideas. Just a note, we always make sure our suggestions can ship to Australia :-)

Cat Beach Towels

It's Summer in Australia, so a beach towel is a timely Christmas gift. There are soooo many cat beach towels to sift through, but we found our favourites.

Pierre Bonnard's 'The White Cat / Le Chat Blanc' Beach Towel from society6 is just lovely. Beach towels are often loud, so this towel's natural colours and impressionist style make it unique and beautiful.

Cat Beach Towel Featuring Art by Pierre Bonnard
Cat Beach Towel from society6 $54 plus shipping

We also think this beach towel 'Study of a Cat', by Suzanne Valadon is great, with natural tones we love.

Cat Beach Towel
Cat Beach Towel from Fine Art America $49 plus shipping

Last but not least, a Renoir! This towel is stunning with all the colours of the beach. Titled 'Julie Manet with Cat' this artwork by the great Pierre-Auguste Renoir is perfectly cropped for cat fans - human out, cat in!

Cat Beach Towel
Cat Beach Towel from Fine Art America $49 plus shipping

Cat Mugs

During Covid, companies cleaned out the cup cupboard and insisted people use their own cups. So gifting a mug is a still a good Xmas idea. 

While searching for mugs we found this gem. From L’Objet, this cat-inspired mug is handmade by the brand’s Portuguese atelier.

While it may be outside of the usual Christmas budget, it's a great idea to look for Christmas presents that have leopard or tiger print patterns. It speaks to all cat people. So our suggestion is the idea, rather than the mug itself.

L’Objet Cat Inspired Mug
L'Objet Leopard Mug from AMARA in the UK $184 plus shipping

Using this search helped us to discover this awesome Cougar Ceramic Travel Cup from Pottery for the Planet. Now this is a great gift idea! A handmade ceramic from a Queensland company.

Cougar Travel Mug
Cougar Ceramic Travel Mug from Pottery for the Planet $39 Large Mug

We think a 6 pack of these black cat juice glasses from Anthropologie (yes, they ship to Australia) are a good gift. They are thick rimmed, which means they won't break when you wash them. We love that the cat motif is subtle and not too cute.

Anthropologie Cat Glasses
Cat Halloween Glass from Anthropologie $15 per glass plus shipping

House Linen

For something very practical, you can always count on house linen. Bed, Bath & Table often stock items featuring cats, so it's worth checking in with their store periodically. We are really liking the following for the 'not too cute' depiction of cats. The grey and mustard colours are great too!

Misty Cats Throw Blanket, Morgan & Finch
Misty Cats Hand Towel, Morgan & Finch
Misty Cats Throw Blanket by Morgan & Finch $130
Misty Cats Hand Towel Set $30

Cat Face Masks

We think cool, cat themed face masks are a great Xmas present. Why? They are like socks. The best socks you own, will have been gifted to you.

I can't vouch for quality as I don't own one, but these face masks by Vistaprint in Australia look pretty good to us. They are made to order, so you need to buy them 3-4 weeks in advance of Xmas. They look sturdy, and you can buy new filters for them too.

Vistaprint Face Masks
Leaping Leopards Face Mask from Vistaprint $19.99
Gunadika Face Mask from Vistaprint $19.99

Vistaprint Face Masks
Tigers from Vistaprint $19.99
Leopard Classic from Vistaprint $19.99

Now for our favourite in this category. Kowi Kowi Face Masks are top notch in terms of technology, quality and art. They look very comfortable too. Kowi Kowi face masks are made in Portugal and meet the new European Standards for community transmission. They come in a special zip lock bag that is perfect for gifting and for keeping the mask clean. 

They are even more special because they feature the works of a Belgian artist Philippe Geluck, creator of "The Cat", a comic character. The story behind his collaboration with Kowi Kowi is worth reading. He wanted to create friendly face masks. We love the idea and we love the result. The collection is very clever.

Kowi Kowi Face Mask
Philippe Geluck, L’élégance la vraie from Kowi Kowi $30 plus shipping

Cat Brush Set

As we come into summer season, cats are shedding. Cat brushes not only help your cat deal with less furballs, they are also great for bonding with your cat. Cats will often purr when being brushed, particularly on their head, chin, neck and cheeks, where their scent glands are. So (cue company product plug) we are recommending Made Moggie's cat brushes from Sweden. It's a unique gift that blends into the background of a home thanks to its wood and natural bristle construction. So you don't need to hide them away in drawers. You can keep them next to your cats' bed where you will remember to use it.

Cat Brushes from Made Moggie 
Cat Brushes from Made Moggie

Cat Brooch

This next suggestion is a lovely gift for the cat lady in your life. Harriet's Blue and White Porcelain Originals are in The Netherlands and sell their cat brooches through Etsy. Again, the design is not too cute, and they have captured cats beauty and quiet nature really well. The blue and white to us is very fitting for Australia.

Cat Picture Book

Our suggested cat picture book is Metal Cats. It may seem like an odd choice but the juxtaposition of adorable kitties and their heavy metal musician parents is very sweet and endearing. It makes you smile.

Metal Cats Book
Metal Cats Book
Photographs by Alexandra Crockett for the book, Metal Cats $32

Cat T-shirts

Paul & Joe are a French, women's fashion brand who love cats. Their clothes often feature the founder's own kitty. The good news is that Uniqlo now stocks some of their clothes, including some cool cat t-shirts.

Paul & Joe Cat Tshirt from Uniqlo
Uniqlo Tshirt Paul & Joe
Paul & Joe Cat Motif Tshirt, Uniqlo $20

KittyWhip Junior

A perfect cat or kitten toy gift, is the KittyWhip Junior. It's beautiful, compact, well-made. It's for close play and it will drive your kitty mad. Good for keeping on your desk for a bit of desk/cat play too. It's a great intro to the larger KittyWhip Collection. It looks modest, but it really works!

KittyWhip Junior Cat or Kitten Toy, Made Moggie $39

Hope you like our suggestions!

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