Suggestions For Senior Cats

We have a senior cat who is over 13 years old. We've noticed her body and her kitty capabilities change. She is hunched and 'clicks' when she walks. The type of click you hear in your knees when you bend down quickly. She has kidney stones and so along with medication she requires urinary cat food. When she wants to reach my desktop, she first jumps on the chair - it's a two-step process.

Made Moggie Senior
Much Loved, Made Moggie Senior

If you have a senior cat too, you may be thinking about what to buy to make their life easier. If you know Made Moggie, you will know that we like to look at human products to solve cat problems. We have found this is a great way to retain your decor, while keeping your cat happy.

So here are our some of our suggestions for seniors!

Cat Steps or Cat Stairs

I'm not sure if you have Googled cat steps. We did, and felt they wouldn't fit our decor. So we turned our attention to pouffes (or footstools). Not only will they serve as stepping stones for your kitty to reach high places, they can also help you put on your shoes!

Gamlehult Ikea - Cat Step & Cat Bed

This one from Ikea (Gamlehult) will cut your cat's leaping effort in half. My desktop measures at 75cm, and this is 36cm in height. Cat's love rattan, and perhaps this could be a hideout for them too. The inside measurements are 18cm x 50cm - ample room for most sleepy kitties.

Cat Steps
Gamlehult Footstool from Ikea. Kitty Step & Hideout

Also from Ikea, is this footstool called Alseda, measuring 18cm x 60cm. A good size for helping your kitty reach the sofa. Three features make this footstool stand out. One, 60cm is the length of most cat beds, and this has the classic dip in the centre that cats love for sleeping. Two, it's made from banana fibre. Cats absolutely love natural fibres for scratching.Alseda Footstool. Cat Step
Alseda Footstool from Ikea. Kitty Step, Scratcher & Bed

Three, this is environmental. The fibre is a by-product of banana growing. The plant bears fruit once, and instead of letting the trunk go to waste, the outer fibres are woven into items such as this. The banana fibre for this stool comes from pesticide-free plantations. Good one Ikea!

From Ikea to Sika Design, is a leap in terms of cost. However I can't look past these "cat steps". A Reed Basket Set made by hand in Senegal. These could function as a stunning cat bed in your moggie's early years. Then as cat steps in their later years!

Sika Design Baskets for Cats
Sika Design Reeds Basket
, Cat Bed & Cat Steps

Dedicated Cat Feeder

Our special senior has a Science Diet - urinary cat biscuits. We have a multi-cat home, so we needed a solution where the other cats wouldn't eat her biscuits. We were very close to purchasing a microchip cat feeder. After weeks of research this seemed like the only way to protect her food.

Then we discovered Joie Pods. Their purpose is preserving halved tomatoes, oranges, onions and avocados. However we repurposed these into closed cat bowls (for biscuits only). The lid protects the biscuits from our other moggies, and also serves as a stand for our senior during meal time.

Joie Pods Make Good Closed Cat Biscuit Bowls

Joie Pod as Cat Biscuit Container
Joie Pod. Closed Cat Bowl For Biscuits (shown with Made Moggie cat Sunny)

We love the way the bowl appears to float.

Music for Cats

David Teie, a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra, teamed up with animal scientists to develop “Music for Cats,” a series of tracks designed for cats’ brains and ears. If you like the sound of purring, we think you too will like this music.

You can sample the albums before you purchase them. Another bonus is they donate money from sales to The Paw Project - dedicated to stopping declawing in cats. If this music is not to your taste, try other music genres with your senior - they really do enjoy it! Spotify is perfect for experimenting. Our senior is particularly fond of 50's Country. Heavy Metal is not her thing!


Despite having arthritis and spondylolysis, exercise is still important and enjoyed by our senior. When we play with her, confidence improves and she struts. It has a big impact on her happiness. The cat toy that has been her favourite, and had her leaping in the air, is the KittyWhip. Some cats like the cotton one, some the leather. She likes both.

KittyWhip Cat Toy
KittyWhip Cat Toy from Made Moggie (image courtesy of Noosa Country Cat Hotel, 2021)

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