Enhancing Senior Cat Comfort: Furniture, Toys, & Music Recommendations | at Made Moggie

Enhancing Senior Cat Comfort: Furniture, Toys, & Music Recommendations

If you have a senior cat, you're likely looking for ways to enhance their quality of life as they age gracefully. At Made Moggie, we've discovered that sometimes, human products can provide effective solutions to common cat needs while seamlessly blending with your home's decor. Here are some of our top recommendations for senior cats that not only improve their well-being but also add aesthetic value to your space!

Made Moggie Senior

Much Loved, Made Moggie Senior Cat at 15 Years

Cat House

A cat house offers senior cats a warm, secure, and private space that can aid in physical comfort, reduce stress, and improve their overall quality of life. It's a valuable addition to their environment, helping them navigate the challenges that come with ageing more comfortably.

Giant Cat House | at Made Moggie

Japanese Giant Study Cat House, Sold at Made Moggie

Senior cats often appreciate a quiet, secure space where they can rest undisturbed. A cat house provides a cosy and enclosed area, offering a sense of security. It can serve as a safe retreat, allowing your senior cat to hide from other pets in the house when they need some solitude.

Raised Cat Beds

Just like us, cats may develop back problems as they age, making it challenging to jump onto high surfaces like sofas or beds. For senior cats, a low-raised bed that's easily accessible is ideal. By providing a raised bed base, your senior cat can avoid extreme temperatures and stay comfortable year-round. Plus, cats love having a space to call their own!

Karimoku Cat Raised Cat Bed | at Made Moggie

Karimoku Cat Raised Cat Bed Is Easy for Senior Cats to hop into.
Sold at Made Moggie

Cat Steps & Cat Stairs

If you've explored cat steps and found they don't quite match your decor, consider pouffes or footstools. These not only serve as stepping stones for your kitty to reach high places but also offer practical use for you. For example, Ikea's Gamlehult pouffe reduces your cat's leaping effort, and its rattan design can double as a cosy hideout.

Gamlehult Ikea - Cat Step & Cat Bed

Gamlehult Footstool from Ikea. Cat Step & Cat Cubby

Ikea also offers the Alseda footstool, boasting generous dimensions of 18cm x 60cm, making it an excellent addition to help your feline companion access the sofa effortlessly. What makes the Alseda footstool stand out are its notable features. Firstly, its 60cm length perfectly matches the dimensions of most cat beds, complete with the classic dip in the centre – a favourite resting spot cherished by cats. Secondly, it's crafted from eco-conscious banana fibre, catering to your cat's natural instincts, as they tend to favour natural fibres for scratching and play. This eco-friendly choice ensures your furry friend has both style and comfort.

Alseda Footstool. Cat Step

Alseda Footstool from Ikea. Kitty Step, Cat Scratcher & Cat Bed

Transitioning from Ikea to Sika Design represents a notable leap in terms of cost, but the allure of these "cat steps" is undeniable. Crafted as a Reed Basket Set, meticulously handcrafted in Senegal, these "cat steps" offer multifunctional appeal. During your feline friend's early years, they can serve as an exquisite cat bed, providing both comfort and aesthetics. As your cat matures, these same steps effortlessly transform into a practical means for them to reach elevated spaces, ensuring their comfort and convenience throughout their life stages.

Sika Design Cat Bed Basket & Cat Step

Sika Design Reeds Basket, Cat Bed & Cat Steps

Raised Cat Bowls

Karimoku Cat Table

Karimoku Cat Table is designed with veterinarian input to help your cat eat and drink comfortably. Its 15-degree incline reduces mealtime strain on your cat's neck and body, making it an excellent ergonomic cat bowl stand for seniors and cats of all ages. Plus, it comes in four stunning wood finishes.

Karimoku Cat Raised Cat Bowl Stand | at Made Moggie

Karimoku Cat Table is Designed With Veterinarian Supervision.
Sold at Made Moggie

Cat Bowl With Lid

Our senior cat requires prescription cat biscuits. Ensuring she had exclusive access to her specialised food was difficult in a multi-cat home. Initially, we contemplated investing in a microchip cat feeder, as it appeared to be the sole solution following research.

However, a serendipitous discovery changed our approach. Joie Pods, originally designed for preserving fruits and vegetables, emerged as a creative solution. We repurposed these pods into dedicated cat bowls for her biscuits. The lid not only safeguards her food from the curiosity of our other feline companions but also functions as a convenient raised stand for our senior cat at mealtimes.

Joie Pod as Cat Biscuit Container

Joie Pod. Repurposed Cat Bowl With Lid (shown with Made Moggie cat Sunny). Doubles as a Raised Cat Bowl.

Interactive Cat Toys For Older Cats

Even with conditions like arthritis, exercise remains crucial and enjoyable for senior cats. Playtime boosts their confidence and happiness. The KittyWhip cat teaser toy has been a hit with older cats, providing entertainment and physical activity. Some cats prefer the cotton version, while others enjoy the leather one. Keep your senior cat engaged and strutting their stuff!

KittyWhip Cat Toy

KittyWhip Cat Toy from Made Moggie
(image courtesy of Noosa Country Cat Hotel)

Music for Cats

Treat your senior to David Teie's “Music for Cats,” a series of tracks designed for cats’ brains and ears. If you find pleasure in the soothing purrs of your cat, you're likely to appreciate this music too.

Music For Cats

All of Our Cats Like Music, especially 50's Country

You have the opportunity to sample these enchanting albums before making a purchase. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from sales contributes to The Paw Project, an organisation dedicated to ending the practice of declawing in cats.

Don't hesitate to explore other musical styles too. Seniors often derive joy from different genres, and Spotify provides an ideal platform for experimentation. For instance, our senior feline has a soft spot for 50's Country tunes, while Heavy Metal doesn't quite strike a chord with her sophisticated taste.

By considering these thoughtful additions to your home, you can ensure your senior cat's golden years are comfortable, stimulating, and filled with joy.