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Black Cats: Adoption & Accessories

Black Cat Photo

At Made Moggie, we hold a special place in our hearts for adopted cats, with three of our own whiskered adoptees. Yet, it's disheartening to know that cats with black fur, face reduced adoption rates. This stems from a history of misconceptions and the current unfounded belief that black cats don't photograph well.

But we're here to dispel that myth! In this article, we'll showcase how stunning black cats can be in photographs. Additionally, we're excited to share a selection of exceptional cat products that complement your black feline friend beautifully, ensuring those snapshots truly shine.

Embrace Black Cat Adoption: Compelling Reasons Why

Longer and Healthier Lives: Moggies (mixed-breed cats), tend to enjoy longer and healthier lives compared to pure-bred cats. Their diverse genetics can lead to increased resilience against certain hereditary health issues.

Going Against the Grain: Adopting a black cat can be a rewarding experience precisely because they are less popular. By choosing a black cat, you're going against the grain and making a unique and compassionate choice. It's an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and personality of a cat that may be overlooked by others.

Black cats exude an air of mystery and elegance: Their cool and enigmatic demeanour can add a touch of charm and charisma to your home. Their sleek and glistening ebony fur not only sets them apart but also contributes to an aura of cool, enigmatic sophistication.

Black Cat Photo

Above: Sleek, Mysterious, and Elegant: The Enigma of Black Cats

Loving and Loyal: Black cats are incredibly loving and loyal companions. Their unique personalities shine through, and they form strong bonds with their owners. When you adopt a black cat, you're likely to gain a steadfast and devoted friend.

A harbinger of good fortune: Welcoming a black cat into your home is thought to bring a positive and prosperous aura, dispelling any lingering negative superstitions. In places like Scotland and Japan, black cats have been revered as symbols of prosperity and well-being.

Black Cat Photo

Above: A black Scottish Fold Cat. In Scotland, if a black cat appears on your doorstep, it is seen as a sign of prosperity

Photographing Black Cats: Helpful Tips

Contrary to the misconception that black cats don't photograph well, they actually make excellent subjects for photographs. Their sleek, dark coats can create striking and captivating images, showcasing their unique beauty.

Manual Settings Are Essential for Photographing Black Cats

Black fur tends to absorb light, making it essential to have control over exposure settings. With a camera featuring manual settings, you can finely adjust parameters such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, allowing you to tailor the settings to the specific lighting conditions.

This level of control is crucial for avoiding overexposure or underexposure, ensuring that the rich details and textures of the black fur are accurately captured. Additionally, manual settings enable you to manipulate focus and depth of field, letting you highlight your black cat's features and create captivating, well-composed shots.

Capturing Black Cats: Explore Light and Dark Backgrounds

Black cats have a unique ability to create captivating and atmospheric images. Their sleek black coats, often contrasted against light backgrounds, lend an air of mystery and elegance to photographs. The play of light and shadow on their fur can evoke a sense of drama and intrigue, while their piercing or reflective eyes add depth and soul to the composition.

Black Cat Photo

Above: Light and shadow dance on their fur, infusing drama, intrigue, and depth to every shot, while their eyes radiate soul

Whether captured against a moody, dimly lit backdrop, or amidst the ethereal glow of natural light, black cats infuse photographs with an undeniable presence. These feline models create visually striking images rich in atmosphere, inviting viewers into a world where beauty and enigma coexist harmoniously.

Black Cat Photo

Above: When photographed against dimly lit backgrounds, black cats craft visually compelling and atmospheric images

Artful Composition in Black Cat Photography

Photographing a black cat doesn't require capturing their entire form within the frame. In fact, a partial glimpse of a black cat can convey more intrigue in a photograph. Explore the art of suggestion, where less can truly be more in terms of visual storytelling.

Black Cat Photo

Above: Play with composition when photographing black cats. Showing less of a cat, can mean more

Don't become fixated on perfect lighting or sharp focus. While we're taught that dark and blurry photos are undesirable, this isn't a hard and fast rule. There are instances where these elements can enhance a photograph. So, embrace snapping shots in lower light conditions. A skilfully composed photo can be both dimly lit and slightly blurred, yet maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Black Cat Photo

Above: A well-composed, interesting shot can override the need for sharp, well-lit photos

Opting to photograph your black cat by windows offers an opportunity for captivating images. The natural light bathes your cat in a soft glow, accentuating the true colours and textures of their fur. This gentle illumination also creates catchlights in their eyes, infusing the photograph with an expressive quality. Moreover, windows can introduce an interesting element by capturing your cat's reflection, adding an extra layer of charm to your images.

Black Cat Photo

Above: Catching the playful reflections of your black cat by the window

Unique Cat Products Tailored to Your Black Cat's Beauty

Made Moggie stands out as a unique cat store, offering an extensive range of black cat products to perfectly complement your beloved black feline companion.

We've curated a colour palette that exudes elegance and harmony, specifically chosen to enhance the beauty of black cats. Our product recommendations are inspired by this palette, ensuring that your black cat feels right at home and radiates their unique charm.

Black Cat Colour Palette | at Made Moggie

Black Cat Photo

Above: Inspiration for our Black Cat Colour Palette - neutral, warm tones work so well with black cats

Black cat products are more than just accessories; they are a harmonious extension of a black cat's natural elegance. These products accentuate a black cat's inherent mystique and charm. Whether it's a sleek collar, cosy cave, or stylish accessory, these specially curated items celebrate the beauty of black cats by complementing their unique aesthetics.

Rock-star Leather Cat Collar: Give Your Black Cat Star Status

Elevate your already sophisticated black cat's style with this chic Spanish leather cat collar sold at Made Moggie. It boasts a robust buckle and striking black-and-white leather patches, infusing a touch of refinement into their look. The star studs give it a distinctive rock star flair.

Leather Cat Collar - Black & White Range | at Made Moggie

Leather Cat Collar - Black & White Range | at Made Moggie

Above: Made Moggie's own adopted cat wears the Black & White Star Studded Leather Cat Collar. Sold at Made Moggie

Black Cat Scratchers: Matching Style for Your Feline Companion

A black cat scratcher complements a black cat because it aligns with the cat's natural beauty and adds an element of sophistication to their environment. The dark colour of both the cat and the scratcher exudes an air of mystery and elegance. This shared aesthetic enhances the cat's natural allure.

Black Cat Scratchers | at Made Moggie

Above: Made Moggie sells a series of black cat scratchers, purr-fect for black cats

Black Cat Bowls: Naturally Neutral Elegance

Staying true to our neutral colour palette featuring warm brown tones, we've curated a selection of cat bowls that will complement your black cat beautifully. These exquisite bowls can be found at Made Moggie and include black, white, brown, and khaki shades, ensuring a perfect match for your feline companion.

Ceramic Cat Bowl Collection | at Made Moggie

Above: Choose Made Moggie for your black cat's dining experience

Black Cat Caves: Unveiling the Mysterious Beauty of Your Black Feline Friend

While black cat caves may not be widely available, Made Moggie offers them, providing your black cat with an air of mystery and camouflage. Embrace the art of photographing your black cat against dark backgrounds; their enigmatic charm will shine through beautifully.

Black Wool Cat Cave | at Made Moggie

Above: When photographed with this cave, your black cat will be subtly camouflaged, allowing their eyes to stand out with captivating intensity.
Sold at Made Moggie

Black Cat Toys: Catnip Toy Mouse

Capture the adorable charm of your black cat with our Black & White Catnip Mouse—a delightful cat toy that promises euphoric chews, energetic chases, and playful kicks, all in one. Handmade in western France, this stunning mouse is filled with potent French catnip. Quality is evident in its heavyweight material and the addition of a small French flag tag. Perfect for captivating photos, this refillable mouse can also be used with cat wands, ensuring endless entertainment for your feline friend.

Black & White Catnip Mouse Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: This photogenic catnip mouse toy is sure to add an adorable touch when paired with your black cat. Sold at Made Moggie

Stylish Cat Harness for Your Elegant Black Cat

Discover Tre Ponti cat harnesses at Made Moggie, harmonious with our black cat colour palette—featuring elegant shades of black, white, khaki, and brown. Handcrafted in Italy, these cat harnesses not only ensure your black cat looks striking but also exudes an unmatched level of elegance.

Tre Ponti Cat Harnesses | at Made Moggie

Above: Elevate your black cat's style with these fashionable Cat Harnesses from Made Moggie