Halloween Thrills: Scary Cat Cookies, Cat Movie Night, and a $250 Giveaway!

Cat-Themed Halloween: Frightful Films and Spooky Cat Treats

Embrace the Halloween spirit. Whip up some spooktacular Halloween cat-themed cookies and delve into our curated list of Halloween cat movies for a purr-fectly festive celebration.

Halloween Cat Movies: Movie Meow-rathon Featuring Felines

Scaredy Cat (2021)

This delightful animated short film captivates with its visual brilliance and clever narrative. Filled with suspense from start to finish, it culminates in a truly satisfying ending.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell (2018)

In this Netflix series, Christine McConnell takes baking to a whole new level with her intricate Halloween-themed cookies and cakes. Set in a peculiar house inhabited by morbid muppet-like characters, including a mummified cat.

Nine (2017)

This short film begins innocently, spiralling into a nightmarish tale of violence. Visually stunning, it combines various animation styles. Despite its cartoon format, this stands as the most bloodthirsty entry among our cat movie recommendations.

The Cat Piano (2009)

The Cat Piano is a vivid and dark feline tale. This poetic cat movie won ‘Best Short Animation’ at the Australian Film Institute Awards and ‘Best Music in a Short Film’.

Collection Completed (1989)

Episodes of "Tales from the Crypt" skilfully weave together horror and dark humour to create unforgettable and chilling stories. Each episode boasts an impressive cast, often featuring A-list actors. "Collection Completed," from Season 1 follows Jonas, a retiree grappling with his wife's love for animals. The episode is filled with cats and cat-themed ornaments.

Pet Sematary (1989)

"Pet Sematary," a timeless Stephen King classic, secures its spot in this collection, thanks to the memorable kitty named Church. This film is easy to watch, making it a noteworthy addition to your watchlist.

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Cat Halloween Cookies: Bake Up Some Frightful Fun

Whip up some Halloween magic with these spooky Black Cat Cookies from the creative kitchen of the barefoot baker! Check out the simple recipe here!

Black Cat Halloween Cookies

Scary Cat Cookies by the Bearfoot Baker. Click here for Recipe

Or try an easy 3-step recipe from Woman's Day with doughnuts: Black Cat, Bat, Spider, and Mice Doughnuts Recipe

Halloween Cat Cookies

Black Cat Doughnuts by Woman's Day Kitchen. Click here for Recipe