Crafting KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toys: A Handmade Journey in the USA | at Made Moggie

Crafting KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toys: A Handmade Journey in the USA

Made Moggie firmly stand behind highly creative designers and skilled craftspeople who bring original ideas to life.

We are delighted to introduce you to KittyWhips — a cat toy that embodies these principles. KittyWhips originated from the creative mind of Sam, who observed foster kittens playing with a stray rope on a cat tree and and saw the potential for something unique. Sam's journey culminated in the creation of a cat toy that not only upholds high-design standards and craftsmanship but also places utmost importance on cat safety and satisfaction.

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy Collection | at Made Moggie

Above: Available in Australia from Made Moggie - KittyWhip Cat Toy Collection

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Collection - Available at Made Moggie

Made Moggie has an undeniable fondness for KittyWhip cat toys, which is why we sell them. From the moment we unwrapped our package, it was evident that these cat teasers were something extraordinary.

The craftsmanship immediately grabs your attention. While most cat teaser toys are made from plastic or a piece of dowel, the KittyWhip distinguishes itself with its warm wood finish and elegant, streamlined design. It boasts curves in all the right places. The hickory handle, meticulously sanded to a velvety touch, reveals the evident care and passion of the craftsman behind his creation.

The response from our trio of cats was astonishing, particularly from our 15-year-old senior cat. Their reaction to the KittyWhip's cord was nothing short of exuberant—pure feline delight. What's even more remarkable is that their enthusiasm has endured over the years, a testament to the timeless appeal of these toys.

KittyWhip Cotton Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Unwavering focus in the ring - Made Moggie's very own cat engaged in a spirited sparring match with the KittyWhip Cotton Cat Toy

So, what precisely are KittyWhips, and where do they originate? We are eager to share the story of this innovative, highly engaging, and environmentally conscious cat toy collection with our readers.

KittyWhip Cat Toy Origin - Inspired by Foster Cats

In a San Fernando Valley home in Los Angeles, Sam (KittyWhip creator) had a lightbulb moment while observing their foster kittens play with a stray rope on a cat tree. Despite having seen numerous cat wand toys on the market, Sam had never come across one made solely from cord without any attachments – and thought that sometimes the simplest ideas are overlooked.

Sam decided to explore this concept and constructed his first KittyWhip using materials he had on hand. Both the kittens and their older feline companions adored it, showing an insatiable attraction. This experience marked the beginning of Sam's journey to identify the best materials and develop and test multiple prototypes, all with the invaluable assistance of his foster cats.

Sam's mission was clear from the outset: to offer a durable, stylish, and captivating cat toy crafted exclusively from natural and sustainable materials, one that feels comfortable in the user's hand, and most importantly, one that keeps a cat entertained for hours on end. He succeeded in achieving this goal - just watch this video!

Above: Experience KittyWhip Cat Teasers: Feline Fun Unleashed! Watch Cats Go Wild and Discover How KittyWhips Are Crafted

KittyWhip Cat Teaser - The Safe Alternative to String

With KittyWhips, Sam created the purr-fect, safe alternative to string. It's a well-known fact that cats love string, but unfortunately, playing with a piece of it can be hazardous. Ingesting string, yarn, or ribbon can lead to life-threatening complications as they can become entangled in the intestine. KittyWhips provide a secure solution, allowing cats to chase, bat, and chew on cords made from cotton, leather, sisal, or hemp without risk.

KittyWhip Cotton Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Unlike regular pieces of string, KittyWhip Cat Toys are safe.
Cat With KittyWhip Cotton. Photo courtesy of Noosa Country Cat Hotel

Anatomy of a KittyWhip Cat Teaser - Simplicity at its Best

KittyWhip Cat Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: The Beauty of Simplicity in a KittyWhip Design - Comprising Just Three Elements: Wand, Spring, and Cord

The next time you see your cat pouncing and playing with a KittyWhip, know that it's not just a cat toy—it's a celebration of the idea that sometimes, the simplest designs are the ones that truly captivate and endure.

High-design principles favour pared-back aesthetics with minimal embellishments. Why, you might wonder? Well, it's because simplicity can be inherently beautiful and functional. When you strip away unnecessary complexities, you allow the core essence of an idea to shine. This minimalist approach can lead to a more elegant, timeless, and user-friendly product.

In the case of KittyWhips, this design philosophy comes to life. The cat toys are a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Sam focuses on the pure joy that comes from engaging with a single, well-crafted cord. This minimalist design not only enhances the cat toy's aesthetics but also aligns with his commitment to sustainability.

How KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toys Are Made

KittyWhips are handcrafted in the USA by Sam himself, using 100% natural and sustainable materials.

Sam's passion for quality and innovation, backed by a US patent for the unique design of KittyWhip Cat Toys and a US Trademark for the name 'KittyWhip,' assures you of a product that stands out in both craftsmanship and authenticity.

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam's woodworking studio, where he skillfully crafts KittyWhip Cat Toys

The Hickory Wood Wand of KittyWhips: Crafted to Last

All cat owners have experienced frustration at how easily some plastic cat teaser wands snap. Not a problem with KittyWhips! The wand handle is made from hickory wood. Hickory wood is distinguished by its heavy, hard, strong, dense, and shock-resistant properties. Our own KittyWhips have lasted years, and show no signs of breaking.

Hickory wood is also beautiful and is beloved for its distinct appearance. The colour contrast between the heartwood (the denser, inner part of the tree) and the sapwood (the lighter, outer section) of a hickory tree is quite remarkable. This natural contrast brings a rustic charm that’s difficult to replicate.

Above: The exquisite golden tones of KittyWhips' hickory wood handle. Photo courtesy of Noosa Country Cat Hotel

Spring: Enhancing Longevity and Durability

The metal spring at the cord's connection point is a testament to Sam's commitment to creating a durable cat toy. Unlike some products with built-in obsolescence, KittyWhips are engineered for longevity.

The spring plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity of the KittyWhip. This strategic placement protects cord from damage where it connects to the hardwood handle. With this thoughtful design, KittyWhips are built to endure countless cat play sessions, making them a reliable choice for both cats and their owners.

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam uses a spring to prevent damage to the cord where it connects to the handle

Cord Selection: The Heart of KittyWhips

When it comes to KittyWhips, the cord is where the real magic happens. Sam has chosen an array of exceptional natural materials for the cords, including cotton, leather, sisal and hemp.

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam trimming the KittyWhip Cord

KittyWhip Cotton: The Gentle and Vegan Choice

KittyWhip Cotton Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam's stunning tabby cat meowdelling the KittyWhip Cotton Cat Toy

Experience eco-conscious play with KittyWhip Cotton—a 100% vegan cat toy. The tightly woven cotton cord effortlessly glides through your kitty's claws, ensuring entanglement-free play. Enhanced with a beeswax-dipped end for added durability, KittyWhip Cotton races through the air, inviting your cat to pounce and play with boundless joy.

KittyWhip Junior: Tailored for Kittens and More

KittyWhip Junior Cat Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam's foster kitten meowdelling the KittyWhip Junior Cat Toy

KittyWhip Junior is specially sized with kittens in mind, making it the ideal kitten toy for introducing your little one to the joys of cat play. The unique woven cotton cord glides effortlessly through a kitten's claws, ensuring a tangle-free playtime. For added durability, Sam dips the cord's end in beeswax.

KittyWhip Junior isn't just for kittens. It's perfect for cats of all ages. Use it for close play, like when your cat is perched on a computer desk—a perfect scenario for the KittyWhip Junior's charms.

KittyWhip Leather: Unleash Your Cat's Natural Instincts

KittyWhip Leather Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam's stunning tabby cat meowdelling the KittyWhip Leather Cat Toy

Engage your cat's senses with KittyWhip Leather—the cat teaser toy that taps into their primal instincts. Crafted from natural leather, it carries an alluring scent and textured surface that ignites their hunting prowess.

The rawhide leather cord effortlessly slips through your kitty's claws without the worry of snagging, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted play. Cats are naturally drawn to the tactile experience of leather, making KittyWhip Leather the perfect teaser toy for those delightful chewing sessions that cats adore.

KittyWhip+ Sisal: Where Size Meets Durability

KittyWhip+ Sisal Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam's stunning tabby cat meowdelling the KittyWhip+ Sisal Cat Toy

Prepare to be impressed by the sheer size and robustness of KittyWhip+. If your cat has a knack for annihilating toys, this is the ultimate KittyWhip for you.

The secret to its resilience lies in the rough-hewn sisal rope, purpose-built to withstand rigorous chewing. Balancing the sturdiness of thick, all-natural sisal rope is a large, solid handle. With KittyWhip+, you're acquiring a cat toy that can withstand the most enthusiastic feline frolics.

KittyWhip+ Hemp - A New, Sustainable Delight for Your Cat

KittyWhip+ Hemp Cat Toy Teaser | at Made Moggie

Above: Sam's stunning tabby cat meowdelling the KittyWhip+ Hemp Cat Toy

Experience the newest addition to the KittyWhip family: KittyWhip+ Hemp! Crafted with long, resilient hemp fibres and a robust weave for durability. As your cat engages in play, the KittyWhip+ Hemp will gracefully "age," softening even further with each spirited session.

Hemp is a sustainable fibre, demanding only half the water required to grow cotton, with minimal to no pesticides necessary. This means that opting for this hemp cat toy not only provides endless enjoyment for your cat but also contributes to a more environmentally positive footprint.

All KittyWhips available here at Made Moggie.

Cover Photo courtesy of Noosa Country Cat Hotel.