Cat Toy. Kitten Toy. Felt. White. Stylecats.
Cat Toy. Kitten Toy. Felt. White. Stylecats.

Cat Toy - Raddish

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The Raddish cat toy is a mild off-white colour, just like the vegetable. Here your moggie can nibble and paw at two ends. The cat toy is handcrafted in Hanover. It is compact, flexible and light as a feather. This makes the Raddish cat toy ideal for evening fitness training. Throwing, kicking, fetching - a test of endurance for you and your moggie.

Each hand-felted cat toy is unique and made of merino wool. The fine cat's nose likes wool. Cat teeth are excellent at snapping the fine fibre material. The fine green leaves and a tender root encourage play.

Size L25cm, W3cm / L9.8in, H1.2in
Material Merino wool, wet felted by hand
Colour Light grey
Design Stylecats
Made in Germany

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