Cat Toy Set including wand, teaser, charmer, fringe and ball cat toy. Made of leather.
Cat Toy - 2in1 (Paisley) 5pc Set
Cat Toy - 2in1 (Paisley) 5pc Set
Cat Toy - 2in1 (Paisley) 5pc Set
Cat Toy - 2in1 (Paisley) 5pc Set

Cat Toy - 2in1 (Paisley) 5pc Set

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Colour matching Nominoo 2in1 cat toys can be timely, so we have done this for you! This grey and brown coloured cat toy set includes a Canapêche Cat Wand, Canapêche Fabric Charmer, Balloo Leather Ball, Poulpe Fabric Octopus, and Tipoolpe Leather Fringe.

Beautiful, unique and eco friendly, Nominoo cat toys are handmade in France from factory material offcuts. The 2in1 collection is made up of interchangeable attachments, wands and charmers. They can be used together, alone, or with existing cat toys in the home.

As the materials come from recycling, there is no other toy set like this. Nominoo toys surprise and enthuse cats - they have not seen anything like it! To make the fun last, you can take it away and give it back later. If any toy becomes too damaged through chewing it is best to remove it.

Each Nominoo component comes with its own packaging, so it is also great for gifting.

Size Various

Material Offcuts of Leather & Fabric. Rivets & Carabiners from Italy
Colour Beige & Brown
Design Nominoo
Made in France
Other Cats should not be left unattended with charmer toys. Please store away when not in use