Leather Cat Collar with matching bracelet. Boho brown. Superpipapo.
Leather Cat Collar with matching bracelet. Black & White on brown. Superpipapo.

Cat Collar - With Matching Bracelet In 2 Colours

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For your cat and you! A cat collar with matching bracelet.

These incredible leather cat collars from Spain, are a great way to express personality. Yours or your cat's. Mellow, mysterious, edgy, earthy, bright, energetic; every nuance is covered in this cat accessory brand.

Aside from great looks, there is an elastic safety feature on all collars to reduce risk of entanglement. It works extremely well and it's quite ingenious how it is integrated with the collar.

The cat collars are 100% Spanish. The leather is from a small leather manufacturer in Alicante, a zone in Spain long renown for leather work. The hardware is also from Spain. It is made from Zamak which is a high quality metal, resistant to sun and corrosion. Perfect for the Australian climate. Zamack is a zinc alloy that is lead-free, cadmium-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. Zamak stands for Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Kupfer (the German name for Copper).

The inside of the collars has a layer of soft and stretch-resistant material. This innovative synthetic distributes the load of mechanical traction evenly over the collar so there are no uncomfortable pressure points. It also protects the leather, giving it a longer life.

Size Cat Collar neck size - L20-25cm, W1.2cm / L7.8-9.8in, W0.4in
Thickness & Weight 1.2cm height. Weight approx. 20-40g
Material Leather Parts & Rivets. Zamak. Elastic
Colour Various
Design Superpipapo
Made in Spain
Other Not suitable for dogs due to elastic safety release. Contains material of animal origin.

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