Scratch Mat FAQs

Can Scratch Mats Be Moved?

Scratch Mats are a permanent fixture. The adhesive glue is very strong which ensures the mat sticks to the wall properly and does not fall off. The adhesive can only be used once. Neither we, nor the manufacturer sells replacement adhesive strips. Therefore, please carefully consider placement of the scratch mat, before adhering to the wall.

There is another way to fix the scratch mat to the wall - it requires drilling in each corner with 4 x dowels, 4 x screws, and 4 x washers. Like below.

With this option, the scratch mat can be more easily moved around.

Do Scratch Mats Damage Walls?

It is possible for paint or wallpaper damage to occur with the scratch mat. It depends on a lot of things – paint type, paint age, wall type, wall finish etc. If you are worried about the walls, we recommend buying a free-standing scratch post instead. Alternatively we sell a scratch mat that can be used on the floor, the Square Scratch Mat.

How Do You Remove Scratch Mats?

It is difficult for us to advise on removal as there are so many variables with walls. However, we have tested removal and had success with the following:
  • Remove the Scratch Mat by using a butter knife between the mat and wall. This will leave the adhesive glue strips behind.
  • Use a hairdryer on high heat to soften the glue.
  • Push the glue with your thumb towards one spot – it rolls up into a ball which can then be pulled off.
  • There is a tackiness to the wall afterwards (a very thin layer of sticky)
  • Remove this with a paste made up of baking soda and water. Just rub the paste over the area, and then wipe the paste away with a paper towel.

This may not be the fastest method for removal of the adhesive, but we like it because it is chemical and odour free.