Tre Ponti Harness Measuring Guide

How to Choose the Right Size

Measure your cat's circumference (chest girth) right behind their armpits.

Size (1.5) Extra Small - Chest Girth from 27cm-37cm.
Size (2
) Small - Chest Girth from 31cm-41cm.

Size (2.5) Medium - Chest Girth from 34cm-44cm.

Easy Fit harnesses with adjustable strap closures can be completely shortened and loosened to a maximum of ±10cm.

How to measure cat

The harness should perfectly fit your kitty. You can check the correct size by moving a finger between the body of your cat and the harness: if you can easily move it and it touches both the harness and your cat’s body, the size is correct.

If it is too hard to put a finger between the harness and your cat’s body, than the size is too small. If you do not touch both the harness and the body while you are moving your finger left and right, then it is too large.