Black Cat Leash for Tre Ponto Cat Harness. Desert Camo
Cat Harness Leash - Tail Flag

Cat Harness Leash - Tail Flag

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Perfect leash to match with all Tre Ponti® cat harnesses.

An insert representing the Italian flag is sewed along the lead. Made in Italy with extreme attention to every detail thanks to artisan craftsmanship. The leash is equipped with a welded ring that can be used to carry small items.

Tre Ponti is an Italian brand leader in the pet industry. Its high quality products use the finest materials, carefully selected. The result is modern and durable.

Size 130cm / L51in
PP Fabric with embroidery stitching

Colour Black, Red
Design Tre Ponti
Made in Italy
Other For cats, only attach a leash to a harness