Cat Toy Tips: Keeping Your Feline Friend Happy & Active | at Made Moggie

Cat Toy Tips: Keeping Your Feline Friend Happy & Active

We're strong advocates of cat playtime for indoor and outdoor felines. Cat toys not only bring joy but also vital mental and physical stimulation, promoting their overall well-being. Discover our best cat toy tips!

Cat Toy Storage: Declutter Your Space with a Stylish Cat Toy Wall

In the past, our home was filled with a chaotic mix of brightly coloured plastic cat toys, cluttering our living space. Daily, we'd gather and stow them away, longing for a tidier look.

But since the launch of Made Moggie, our perspective has shifted. We now proudly showcase a collection of natural cat toys on a dedicated "Cat Toy Wall" using 3M Adhesive Hooks. These high-mounted hooks not only keep the toys in perfect condition but also make it easy to pick a toy for playtime. The setup is straightforward, prevents tangling, and adds an organic, random touch to the display.

Discover these toys from our inventory in the images below.

Made Moggie's Cat Toy Wall

Made Moggie's Cat Toy Wall: Our Unique Display Solution

If you own a Nominoo Cat Toy Set from Made Moggie, here's a fantastic way to showcase it.

Cat Toy Maintenance: Reviving Feather Cat Toys

Over time, the feathers in cat toys can lose their shine and look worn, even when not in use. Feathers need natural oils for their health, and without them, the barbs can get dishevelled. To keep your feather cat toys looking great, we recommend preening.

Preening is a straightforward process that you can do with your fingers. Just hold the feathers between your thumb and index finger and gently stroke them in the direction of the feather. The natural oils from your skin will help rejuvenate the feathers.

Feather Cat Toys | at Made Moggie

Feather Cat Toy Before & After Preening. Feather Cat Toys at Made Moggie

Enhancing Outdoor Playtime for Cats: Cat Toys and Treats for Maximum Fun

Our cats exhibit a stronger fondness for their toys during outdoor playtime. We believe this heightened attraction is linked to their instinctual hunting mode, making them more responsive to movement in an open environment. To capitalise on this, we occasionally bring cat toys when walking our feline companions on cat harnesses. In case you don't have a cat toy handy, consider tossing some cat biscuits outside to engage them in an exciting game of chase.

KittyWhip Cat Teaser Toy | at Made Moggie

Enticing Sunny to Climb With The KittyWhip Leather Cat Toy

For Long-Lasting Entertainment: Resilient Cat Toys

If you're tired of cat toys getting destroyed quickly, consider the The Chameleon Cat Toy. This durable toy can withstand your cat's playful assaults, making it a long-lasting and engaging choice. Our cat Fozzy loves it and plays with it vigorously, and it even ages well, becoming fluffier over time. Discover why this toy is a favourite among cat owners.

Chameleon Cat Toy | at Made Moggie

Chameleon Cat Toy, Available From Made Moggie

It's also worth exploring Felt Cat Toys at Made Moggie—crafted with extra firmness for those seeking long-lasting joy. Handmade in Germany, our unique range boasts characters of all sizes. One standout is the Woolly Long Snake, a personal favourite that has gracefully weathered the years, displaying minimal wear and tear. What adds to its allure is its versatility—it can be attached to a cat wand, elevating playtime to new heights of interaction and amusement.

Woolly Snake Felt Cat Toy | at Made Moggie

Woolly Long Snake Cat Toy, See Entire Wool Felt Toy Collection at Made Moggie

Get Creative with Cat Toys

Don't be afraid to get creative and keep playtime interesting for your cat. If your feline friend seems uninterested in a toy, try covering it with a small blanket to pique their curiosity. Experiment with dragging the toy from room to room, over furniture, and along the floor – this can reignite their interest. If you have stairs, consider taking the toy up and down for some added exercise. Let your imagination roam free!

Another fantastic way to rekindle your cat's interest in forgotten toys is with a Cat Play Tent. The Giant Study Cat House is perfect for interactive play, allowing you to poke toys through the open ceiling or doorway or drag them along the canvas for an engaging experience.

Giant Study Cat House | at Made Moggie

The Giant Study House is More Than a Place to Sleep, Available From Made Moggie