Cat Toy Tips

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor moggie, we think it's important to play with your cat. For the simple reason that CATS LOVE IT! (Plus, it provides stimulation and exercise). We play with our own cats daily and would like to share our learnings. We hope you like our cat toy tips!

Cat Toy Storage

We used to have a kitty-crèche home with clashing, brightly-coloured plastic cat toys strewn across the lounge. They made the room look messy and so, like tired parents, each day we would pick up the toys and place them in a drawer.

This changed for the better when we started Made Moggie. We now have natural cat toys that we love and proudly display. We created a "Cat Toy Wall" in our home using 3M Adhesive Hooks. With this setup, it is very easy to grab a cat toy and start playing.

Placed high it keeps the toys out of cats reach, meaning toys remain in good condition, and remain a novelty for our cats. It's very quick to setup and we find toys don't tangle like they do in a drawer. We recommend not thinking about where you put the hooks, so it looks more organic and random.

All of the cat toys pictured below, are items we stock.

Made Moggie's Cat Toy Wall

Made Moggie's Own Cat Toy Wall

If you have a Nominoo Cat Toy Set from Made Moggie, this is a great way to display it.

Cat Toy Maintenance

Over time, the feathers in cat toys lose condition and look scruffy. Even when not in use. This is because feathers need preening oils to remain healthy. Without them, the barbs in feathers displace. So we recommend you preen your feather cat toys.

Preening can be done by you with just your fingers. Place feathers between your index finger and thumb and very gently pull in the direction of the feather. The natural oils in your skin will bring the feathers back to good condition.

Preen Feather Cat Toys
Feather Cat Toy Before & After Preening

Play Outside

We discovered that our cats love their toys even more when outside. Our theory is, this is because they are in maximum hunt mode and very sensitive to movement. So every now and then, we bring a cat toy outside when harness walking our cats. If you don't have a cat toy, try throwing cat biscuits outside for a game of chase.

KittyWhip Cat Toy in use
Enticing Sunny to Climb With The KittyWhip Leather Cat Toy

Best Cat Toy 2022

Last year we chose the KittyWhip Collection as our best cat toy. This year we are choosing Profeline's Self Play Set. Just like the KittyWhip, we have received great feedback on this Cat Toy Set. Particularly the Freaky Worm attachment included with it. We know first hand that cats love to tear this cute cat toy to pieces.
Here is a video of the Self Play Set in use.

Self Play Set Cat Toy
Profeline's Self Play Cat Toy Set, Available From Made Moggie

Long Lasting Cat Toys

If our cats destroy a toy, then we feel the toy has done its job. Our cats have considered it prey, and treated it accordingly! If you seek longevity in your cat toys however, we have a recommendation.

The Chameleon Cat Toy by Profeline can take a beating. Our boy cat Fozzy adores this toy, and attacks it every morning. I wake up at 5am to the sounds of Fozzy running, swatting and flipping it in the air. We always recommend hiding toys, but this one we leave stand-alone (not attached to a wand) on the floor.

Chameleon Cat Toy
Profeline's Chameleon Cat Toy, Available From Made Moggie

This toy ages well. After many months, ours is now blind (no eyes), but the shape has lasted. The chest area which is wool is now very fluffy, and very cute.

Be Creative

We recommend always trying new play scenarios with your cat. If a cat gets bored of a toy, throw a small blanket over it and see renewed enthusiasm. If a cat is not interested in a charmer, drag it from room to room, across the floor and over furniture. If you have stairs, dragging a charmer up and down them is excellent exercise for your kitty. Be creative!

A Cat Play Tent is great for mustering up enthusiasm for forgotten toys. The Giant Study House is perfect for interactive play. Cat toys can be poked through the open ceiling or doorway, or dragged along the canvas.

Giant Study House 
The Giant Study House is More Than a Place to Sleep, Available From Made Moggie